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Gifts For Breast Cancer Patient

Best Gifts For Someone With Breast Cancer - By Someone With Breast Cancer

Not Another Bunch Of Flowers was inspired by my own experience with breast cancer. My wonderful friends and family send me lots of flowers along with messages of support and later said they hadn't known what else to send. This inspired me to set up a site selling gifts that are useful and safe to use during treatment. 

We are not claiming that a present is going to make everything better. The best gift is your time and support. But if you would like to give them a little something too, or if you live too far away to offer practical help, we are here to help.

So, what are our best selling gifts and recommendations for a loved one going through breast cancer?

  • Queasy Drops. If they are going to have chemo, these are a Godsend. I used them all the way through treatment to ease my nausea. We have lots of gift recipients who are sent these as a gift and come back and buy more and more for themselves. 
  • Bold Beanies. This is also only appropriate for women who are undergoing chemotherapy. Hair loss is such a difficult side effect for many women to deal with. I found I felt more prepared with headwear ready for when this happened. These beanies are available in a range of contemporary colours and pretty prints and are lightweight and breathable. They are perfect as a liner under a hat or scarf, or on their own, or as a sleep cap.
  • Natural and Organic Toiletries. It is SO important to look after your skin during chemotherapy and radiotherapy. It is very drying and skin can crack and peel - and finger and toenails can even fall off. We carried out a survey of over 2,000 cancer patients and over 78% changed their skincare regime to avoid nasties such as parabens and sulphates. As such, many pampering treats may not be suitable. I would recommend the Defiant Beauty range. They are natural and organic and were specifically formulated for cancer patients, working closely with the patients themselves and oncologists. The range is luxurious and pampering and covers all skincare from scalp and lips to hands and feet. Thoroughly recommended as a pampering treat. We often have people come back to treat themselves to more products having received some items as part of a gift.
  • Cotton Nightwear. I have handpicked a range of cotton pyjamas and kimonos that tie or button at the front. These are particularly great for women following surgery as it is difficult to raise your arms above your head to put on t-shirts and vest tops - and you need constant access to the bandages. Prior to my surgery I was frantically trying to find appropriate, lightweight, front-fastening nightwear. For someone to have sent such a thoughtful gift would have been amazing! They also make a lovely gift for people stuck in hospital (much nicer than the hospital gowns - and a fresh pair of PJs can feel like a treat themselves) or for those recuperating at home.
  • Appropriate cards. When I was going through treatment the most appropriate cards that were available were 'thinking of you' cards that were more suitable as sympathy cards. Emily McDowell, a cancer survivor, led the way in creating more appropriate cards to encourage communication when people are having a tough time - from being seriously ill to struggling with mental health. A common theme that comes up time and time again among cancer patients is feeling isolated and neglected by their friends. This is probably due to their friends having busy lives, but also just not knowing what to say. The worst thing you can do is say nothing. These cards make it easier for you to find the words you may be struggling to find.
  • Something Personal & Fun. We have a range of personalised gifts, including mugs, water bottles and travel coffee cups. All very useful for constant trips to hospital. And can be personalised with fun, uplifting, encouraging or loving messages. Whatever you like. Let your creative juices flow...!
  • The Gift That Keeps On Giving. We also offer a bespoke gift subscription to coincide with treatment. I introduced this as a way of showing you care throughout the whole treatment. So often, people are shocked and saddened at the news, send messages of support, gifts, flowers, care packages etc but as time goes on the messages of support dry out. But treatment takes its toll more and more and the person going through treatment can feel more and more isolated and struggle more and more with the side effects. We organise regular gifts within your budget to be delivered at regular intervals (often to coincide with treatment) to remind them that you are there for them. It's a particularly great gift for groups of friends, family or colleagues who might have clubbed together and have a high budget and are unsure what to spend it on.

We have created some pretty gift sets with a combination of little gifts. And have recently introduced our personalised gift boxes that you can fill with a selection of gifts to create a truly unique and thoughtful gift.

Breast Cancer Chemo Gift

Breast Cancer Gift Box

We love to help! So if you have any questions or would like some advice, do please contact us on the live chat (within office hours) or send us an email to


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