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Our top get well gifts for men

Our top get well gifts for men

Finding gifts for men can be particularly challenging but made even more so when they are unwell and may not be able to enjoy their usual treats or hobbies.

The ‘go to’ gift of flowers or fruit baskets might not be appreciated, nor are they allowed on many hospital wards due to the risk of infection.  This only reduces the gift choices further. So what are the options?

Here at Not Another Bunch Of Flowers we have hand selected a number of thoughtful and practical male-centred gifts, ideal for the husbands, fathers, grandads, male friends or relatives in your life.

So here are our top 8 and why they make a caring gift for your loved one.

For those who are going through cancer treatment

Our most popular gift for men are Queasy Drops and Pops to help with the chemo-induced nausea. These lozenges were conceived and developed by health care professionals who are daily witnesses to how debilitating nausea can be. They came to realise that not every nausea remedy works for every person or situation, and that many people would prefer not to take a prescription if they can avoid it. They found that a lot of their patients wanted something “natural” and so came up with Queasy Drops.

Queasy Drops gift

 Ok, so some men are better than others at pampering themselves. But if you are going through cancer treatment, your skin, whether you are a man or a woman, can really suffer. Our Burt’s Bees Essential kit is a great gift because it contains the most useful products to target the areas most likely to be effected by treatment; feet, hands and lips. Containing natural ingredients, a non-floral or highly perfumed scented pampering gift set.  

Burt's Bees Essential KitFor those who wish to keep it simple, the Burts Bees Body wash for men. Many cancer patients are advised to avoid toiletry products that contain unnatural ingredients. This 100% natural body wash provides an intense wash with citrus, cypress and fir oils for a perfect pick me up.  

The unisex Defiant Beauty range was specifically formulated for cancer patients and is safe for use during treatment. Products include a lip balm, scalp cleanser, hand and feet balms, a cooling spray for those pesky hot flushes, and oils to help with radiotherapy irritation. 

Defiant Beauty Range gifts for cancer patients

Although not everyone loses their hair whilst undergoing treatment for cancer, hairloss is still one of the most feared side effects for both men and woman. The men’s bold beanie makes a practical but really thoughtful gift for someone who is suffering from hairloss. An incredible soft and comfortable 100% cotton beanie which can be used all year round. Choose from a number of different colours. 

For those spending long periods in bed

Showing someone you care and love them, especially at a time when they may be feeling vulnerable, worried or scared is so important. Small gestures go a long way, like breakfast or a cup of tea and biscuit in bed. But why not make it all the more special by writing a special message on our Love Tray. A handy monochrome tray, with messages of love and space for your own daily note.

And a new, crisp, fresh pair of pyjamas can be a real treat when spending lots of time in bed. 

For those staying in hospital

Time can drag when you are spending long periods of time in hospital, and boredom can really set in. So why not pick a gift that makes sure your loved one has something to do outside visiting hours, something to keep them entertained whilst exercising the brain.

Puzzles make an ideal gift. Especially as you can do them together. We especially like the beautiful Britain Puzzle. It provides a lovely talking point once completed. Spot places you have visited, or ones you wish to visit once your loved one is fully recovered. 

Having cold feet can make you feel all the more unwell. Bed socks make a lovely little gift to help keep those toes cosy and warm especially when padding to and from the bathroom on cold hospital floors. Our luxurious mohair men’s bed socks are a great gift for even the hardest to buy for recipients.

Getting a good night’s sleep, or some rest when needed, is essential in aiding recovery. We firmly believe these are the best sleep masks available. Not only are they comfortable to wear they block out all of the light. They also come with a removable cooling pad that can help with tension headaches. Team these with some equally comfortable ear plugs and all the noise and light from busy hospital wards will be blocked out – naturally aiding a better sleep. A good gift for those who are struggling to find comfort and peace in hospital. 

Still stuck for ideas? View our extensive range, Gifts For Men  

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