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Following our recent Chemo For Beginners – The Survey we are asked our lovely customers, friends and social media followers what would be the one piece of advice you would share with someone starting chemo. The response was amazing with so many words of encouragement and support as well as... Read More

Radiotherapy is the lesser talked about cancer therapy. Is this because it is deemed slightly less invasive due to the perceived lack of physical effects? Or is it because it can often be thought of as the last stretch of treatment and therefore the end of the road in terms... Read More

Hairloss is one of the most feared side effects of chemotherapy although not everyone experiences it. And whilst everyone is different and has a totally different approach to losing their hair (shave, cut it short, try cold capping) the effects can be heartbreaking both physically and emotionally. Ok so you are... Read More

Sometimes a short break either abroad or closer to home is just what is required to get some much needed rest. If you have recently been diagnosed with an illness, a holiday can give you the time and space to acknowledge your diagnosis; you could be planning a few days... Read More

When you find out that someone you know has a horrible illness - something that requires ongoing treatment, operations or hours in bed or hospital – all you want to do is help them feel better. You want to be there for them; to make them smile or to let... Read More

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