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Thank you very much for your help with our survey. It will only take a minute or two, and your answers will be used to help others embarking on chemo treatment. We all know what a scary and daunting time that is. This is a completely anonymous survey but please... Read More

All of us will feel down and low at some point in our lives. This could be because of serious illness, relationship difficulties, maybe work or career prospects are not working out as planned, a bereavement, new mums overloaded with responsibility and sleep deprivation or we are simply struggling with... Read More

Kate is still waiting for her treatment start date, but got the news that her chemo shouldn't cause hairloss. However, as she had geared herself up to lose her hair and had booked an appointment to have it chopped off, she decided to go for it anyway and has donated... Read More

Not Another Bunch Of Flowers talks to one of our customers about her recent experience, from discovery to diagnosis and the emotional rollercoaster that is breast cancer. This is Anna’s story. “A couple of weeks ago I took a bath. Nothing unusual about that except I noticed my nipple didn’t... Read More

Thank you to Deborah, the brains behind The Barrowby Bamboozler, for sharing her story. In 2013 I was diagnosed with breast cancer aged 33. I underwent chemotherapy, radiotherapy, double mastectomy and reconstruction. I gave up work during this time to recover and focus on my family. In early 2015 I... Read More

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