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We love our new range of initial mugs. Choose from a range of designs and colours, choose your initial, symbol or number and add a personalised message too, if you like! They are the perfect present for those people that seem to have everything and are almost impossible to buy... Read More

Jul 31, 2018   |  0 comments | cancer, helpful, informative, inspiration

NEW! Toiletries for men - a thoughtful and practical get well gift

We often get asked for advice on what makes a good gift for men going through cancer treatment. Notoriously difficult to buy for, it can be even trickier to pick something suitable for partners, dads, brothers, friends and other male loved ones going through this difficult time. Finding cosmetics that are safe... Read More

Jul 18, 2018   |  0 comments | informative, inspiration

Gift ideas for people in hospital

Being cooped up in hospital is never a fun time, so how lovely it is to receive a treat from friends and family! But with many hospitals now banning fruit and flowers on wards, what should we reach for instead of these previous go-to gifts? Below are some of our favourite... Read More

Jul 04, 2018   |  0 comments | cancer, informative, inspiration

What should I buy for someone who has finished cancer treatment?

It's been a long, hard slog but they've done it - your loved one has finished their cancer treatment and you want to celebrate! But finishing treatment doesn't mean that it's all over. The road to recovery is long and it can take a long time to start to feel... Read More

Jun 22, 2018   |  0 comments | feedback

Gift Recipient Review

We received this wonderful review on Facebook  from Claire, who is a recipient of one of our gifts. There's no greater praise than when someone who has received one of our gifts contacts us to leave a review! It's such a compliment as I know I wouldn't do that unless I... Read More

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