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The lovely reviews below are from customers who emailed and were happy for us to share their feedback.

Not Another Bunch Of Flowers Review

Get Well Gifts

'Just after I was diagnosed with breast cancer, a friend sent me a Bold Beanie packaged as a beautiful rose. It stood out from all the flowers and chocolates as a very thoughtful present that would also be useful for when I lost my hair. What I didn’t realise until my hair fell out was just how useful these beanies would be – my wigs were so uncomfy and my head was constantly cold, so I spent all autumn and winter wearing the hats around the house. My Mum and I ordered several more beanies, so that I had them in a variety of colours, and they also came in handy underneath woolly hats, to stop my head from itching. Brilliant invention!'   Laura Price, author of 'The Big Scary 'C' Word'.

Not Another Bunch Of Flowers Feedback

Not Another Bunch Of Flowers Facebook Review

'Thank you for putting together this site. We thought about sending our friend flowers and a card, but then, looking through the selections, it seemed too morbid. Flowers seem more suitable for celebration or funerals,  and this was neither. Your site has such beautiful, uplifting gifts. Thanks again.' Sara, via email.

Get Well Gifts For Cancer Patients

Not Another Bunch Of Flowers Facebook

'I just wanted to say thank you so very much for putting the gifts together so quickly! My Dad received them today and is very grateful.Thanks again for making it such an easy and fast process to get a suitable gift and card to someone in hospital when I'm living on a different continent!!' Kate, USA.

Chemotherapy Gifts

Just Don't Send Flowers Review

'Just a quick message to say thank you for my item, my sister had a BBQ yesterday for all the family so I made a lovely bag up for her with the things I bought from you, she absolutely loved everything, the rest of the family watched her open it all and they were all so impressed, I am so glad I found your website.' Jackie, Cumbria.

Reviews For Not Another Bunch Of Flowers

Don't Buy Her Flowers Review

'I am glad to have found your site and lovely products.  Mum has had loads of flowers and has run out of vases!' Rachel.

Feedback For Not Another Bunch Of Flowers

Not More Flowers Review

'Anikka thank you so much. Your website is fantastic! I had Googled types of flowers that would be ok for cancer patients in the hospital and I came across your site. I'm so thankful I did! Beautiful gifts. And how wonderful it is to get a personal email from you and not a computer generated one.' Kerry, USA.

Don't Buy Her Flowers Feedback

Alternative to Flowers Review

'Can I just say what a fabulous service you offer. I've received two beautiful gifts via your website these last few weeks and I had no idea of the story behind it, truly brilliant and a great service!' Elizabeth, North Yorkshire.

Get Well Gifts

Not Another Bunch Of Flowers Facebook Review

'My friend received her parcel and is absolutely delighted. Thank you so much. I will certainly be visiting you again to order some more things. I wish you well with your venture.' Helena, Surrey.

Not Another Bunch Of Flowers Reviews

Not Another Bunch Of Flowers

'Thank you for quick delivery of my order which I received today. I'm adding these items to a care package I'm putting together for a friend of mine who has just started her 6 month cancer treatment. It was such a welcome surprise to come across your website as I couldn't bear to send her flowers that would wilt and die right in front of her. Thank you for having the foresight and courage to start your business, I hope it prospers and continues to help so many like my friend.' Angela.

Don't Buy Her Flowers Review

Not Just Another Bunch Of Flowers

'I would like to say how impressed I am with your website. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004 and well remember my living room looking like a cross between a card shop and a flower shop. I was still having follow up surgery in 2007 and i did go off flowers for a good few years afterwards as they just reminded me of being ill.' D.T. Pymouth.

Not Another Bunch Of Flowers Customer Review

Not Just Flowers

'Thank you so much for sending out our order so promptly. Our friends received it this morning and loved it. It is good to know that you can get a quality gift delivered to the other side of the world so easily!' Michelle and Joe, Australia.

Customer Feedback for Not Another Bunch Of Flowers

Not Another Bunch Of Flowers

'I would just like to say you have some lovely things on your site and it is a great idea.  As a former cancer sufferer I was saying to my work colleagues not to send flowers because you get so many and they are just a reminder that you are sick and then I found your website so once again thank you.' Jacqueline.

Customer Reviews for Not Another Bunch Of Flowers

Not Another Bunch Of Flowers

'I would like to thank you for the lovely items I ordered from you. I have only just been able to visit my friend and she was thrilled with them. Thank you again and what an excellent website.' Alison, Cambridgeshire.

Not Another Bunch Of Flowers Feefo

'They arrived this morning - thank you so much it is the most beautifully packaged parcel I have ever had in the post and I am so happy to be able to give something so useful to a friend who is about to start chemo. Thanks and best wishes for your wonderful business.' Linda.

Cancer Gifts Reviews

' such a good idea! I ended up with all the overly scented non-paraben-free toiletries lovely people gave my mum on chemo...She was sent lots of nice gifts but lots made her feel queasy or contained ingredients she was trying to avoid, so helping people negotiate that stuff is a really great idea.' Jess, London, via Twitter.

Chemo Gifts Review

'By the end of my stay in hospital I felt completely bedraggled and stripped of all my home comforts. Wrapping myself up in my gorgeous soft floral gown was the first step to feeling like me again. I lay there and actually felt a flutter of glamour (amongst the hand sanitiser dispensers and bed pans!).' AO, South London - Cotton Wrap Kimono. 

Feefo Reviews for Not Another Bunch Of Flowers

'What a brilliant idea!  I had chemo a couple of years ago and would have loved some of these gifts instead of flowers. Very good luck with your business.' Ginny, Surrey.

Independent Reviews for Not Another Bunch Of Flowers

'I found your website very helpful. My closest friend has just started chemo and I'm living on the other side of the world feeling quite helpless. It's nice to get some advice on the little things that might help her and to have them packaged up and delivered so quickly when I'm so far away .' Preferred to remain anonymous, USA.

Not Another Bunch Of Flowers Customer Reviews

'I wanted to get in touch with you to say what a wonderful idea your website is. The gifts are beautiful and perfectly selected. Congratulations for turning your illness into something that will bring so much joy to others - I will definitely recommend you to everyone!' Freya, UK.

Not Another Bunch Of Flowers

'Hi. My sister bought me one of these hats as a present and I love it so much I am back to buy some other colours for myself.' Emma, Edinburgh - 100% Cotton Berets.

Not Another Bunch Of Flowers Customer Feedback

'Hello there ! I've just seen your story on Meridian Tonight and just wanted to congratulate you. My mum was diagnosed with Lymphoma (a type of blood cancer) at the end of June this year and very sadly lost her battle on 28th September. She lived with my dad and sister in Suffolk and I am in Kent with my partner and four children. Because of this I didn't get to see my mum very often and wanted to send her cards and gifts to cheer her up. However as you would know it was very hard to find something! Nothing was suitable. The chemo had affected her tastebuds and she no longer liked chocolate, no flowers were allowed in the hospital and as you mentioned in your interview many toiletries contained unsuitable ingredients. I googled ' Hampers for cancer sufferers' and 'Gifts for people with cancer' but to no avail, I therefore just wanted to say well done on setting up this wonderful business. I'm sure it'll do very well. I just wish my mum was still here so I could purchase one of your hampers for her! Much love sent to you and very happy to hear of your recovery. Take Care.' Charmaine, Kent.

Review For Not Another Bunch Of Flowers

'I have ordered the items. Can I also say what a lovely website to set up, our client has breast cancer and we thought that flowers would be the first choice for everyone so it is nice to send something a bit different and thoughtful, I will be using you again.' Tasha, Manchester.

Not Another Bunch Of Flowers Customer Reviews

'I ordered myself some things to cheer myself up during treatment and loved them. Thank you so much. I would have been delighted to have received them as gifts from friends and will be dropping some serious hints.' Georgie, Edinburgh.

Not Another Bunch Of Flowers Customer Reviews

'Thank you for the beautiful pyjamas. My wife loved them and I will definitely order more in future.' Spencer, London - Hush Vintage Rose Pyjamas.

Not Another Bunch Of Flowers Customer Review

'I totally recommend the Queasy Drops. I was never actually sick during chemotherapy, but felt very, very nauseous and these really kept the queasiness at bay and taste nice too. In fact, I had to hide them from the kids as they kept nicking them!' Josie, Eastbourne.

Not Another Bunch Of Flowers Customer Feedback

'My husband bought me a pair of the pyjamas. Wow, they are so comfy! It’s hard getting out of them in the morning because they are so soft and they fit really beautifully. I’m getting these for the whole female side of my family this Christmas! Just gorgeous!'  Annuszka, London - Hush Birdie Print Pyjamas.

Alternative Gifts To Flowers

'Thank you for the site, I came across it while trying to research a nice practical gift for a work colleague who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer - we were trying to find something other than flowers for him and this has been a godsend!' M. D. London.

Not Another Bunch Of Flowers Review

'These scarves are a fantastic option for women who have lost their hair through treatment. I found it really difficult to find headwear that was both stylish and comfortable, but these really fit the bill. They're easy to put on and the patterns complement most outfits. As my hair starts to grow back, I can use them as a normal scarf too.' Grace, East London - Jonny Kimber 100% Cotton Scarves.

Gift To Cheer Up Friend

'I love how soft and light these are, with a material that does not itch like my woolen hats do.' Sofie, Norway - 100% Cotton Berets.

Not Another Bunch Of Flowers Facebook Review

'I absolutely love my Daydream eye mask. It completely blocks out all light and stays in place during the night with the double straps. The foam pads are also comfortable rather than those that can be hard or scratchy. The cooling pack is an added bonus when I have a headache or temperature or just for a bit of a pampering session! I'd recommend these pretty eye masks to anyone.' Louise, South-West London - Daydream Eye Masks.

Review of Not Another Bunch Of Flowers

'Loving my iPad cushion, it is so comfortable to use. Delivery was super quick and it was wrapped so prettily in paper and ribbon. Felt like I had indeed bought myself a present. Have recommended this company to everyone I know. These gifts are spot on for anyone looking for something a little different. Shall be doing some xmas shopping on this site.' Juliana M.

Not Another Bunch Of Flowers Review Facebook

'Thank you so much for offering such wonderful gifts. My dear friend has been having a tough time with a rare cancer and chemo protocol. This brightened her day. Have a wonderful day.' Missy, USA.

Not Another Bunch Of Flowers Review

'I love this website. It is just full of loads of gorgeous things. I think the idea behind is brilliant. My husband bought me a pair of the pyjamas as a gift, and they are amazing: luxurious and comfortable. I am intending on using this site for more purchases for myself, and for people on my Christmas list. Love it.' Kirsten, Bucks - Hush Polka Dot Pyjamas.

Gift For Cancer Patient

'I'm so glad I came across your website and story - my mum has cancer and I live in Argentina so it's great to be able to get pretty things to her :)' Emma, Argentina.

Emily McDowell card review

' my Mum is absolutely delighted with her presents. They are perfect thank you very much xx.' Sally-Anne, Liverpool, via Twitter.

Cancer Gifts

'Saw your item on the local news tonight...have to say what a brilliant business idea & wish you every success! I would've loved some inspirational alternatives for gifts when my mum was ill & undergoing chemotherapy for leukemia 10 years ago. She was so limited on what she could eat & use on her skin too. Wish you well & lots of good luck with your company.' Laura, Kent.

Get Well Gifts

'@notanotherbunch Hi Anikka, I just wanted to say I love your website & my mum loved her chemo for beginners gifts and also the way they were packaged x.' Rowena via Twitter - Starting Chemo Gift.

Not Another Bunch Of Flowers Review

'I can thoroughly recommend the Queasy Drops. A chemo staple for me. They really helped with that horrible chemo mouth/taste.' Bettina - Queasy Drops.

No Flowers In Hospital

'I just wanted to say thank you for sending out the parcel so quickly. It arrived yesterday. I haven’t given it to Laura yet but it’s wrapped so lovely and can tell it’s done with care.  My dear sister-in-law, had her first chemo last Monday. As you know, there is a long road ahead but I hope little practical gifts like this will help to let her know we are thinking of her. She received so many wonderful flowers from friends and family but I was racking my brains for something different (she was running out of vases!) and was so refreshing to come across your website.' Rebecca.

Feedback For Not Another Bunch Of Flowers

'Thank you so much for your note, and attention to our order. My dad has prostate cancer, and at this time, it has been great to find, with such special gifts. Your whole website is so thoughtful and reading through, a real credit to you. I would readily recommend your website and wish you all the best in this business, and in all aspects of your life and pursuits.' Harneet.

Dont Buy Her Flowers

'Just have to say what a great website Not Another Bunch Of Flowers is.  It's so hard to know what to buy someone dealing with cancer but your website really opened my eyes and stopped me going down the cliché flowers route.  Keep up the great work!' Charlotte.

Don't Buy Her Flowers

'All received and beautifully wrapped.  I'm including them in a little hamper for my friend in Australia who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer.  I was really struggling to find appropriate and useful gifts for her. Your website is great and i'm sure these gifts will help put a smile on her face.' Alex.

'My friend recieved her gift yesterday and LOVED it. Thank you!' Catherine, Texas, USA.

'I love my pyjamas. Don’t seem to want to wear anything else at the moment… Recieved these in a beautifully wrapped package that made me feel very special! The Pyjamas ( floral pink ones!) are amazing, very soft and keeps you warm during these cold nippy months. Also great to lounge around in at the weekends. Dressing gown will be on my xmas list!' Maya, London - Hush Vintage Rose Pyjamas.

'I found your website last night whilst trying to think of an appropriate gift for my friend and found the ideas so helpful, what a fabulous website idea! I wish you continued good health and every success with your business.' Lyndsey.

'Thank you, she received the gift today and loved it. Will definitely be using your shop again and telling my friends about it. Fabulous dealing with you. X' Suzi.


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