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Meet Our Lovely Little Team

Not Another Bunch Of Flowers Team
Anikka: Owner, Diet Coke addict and cheese-a-holic. Superpower: Always the last one standing.
Anikka Burton Not Another Bunch Of Flowers

Coral: Office Manager. Likes a good ride in the countryside. Superpower: Making horses dance (dressage).

Kate: Product Manager. 

Don't Buy Her Flowers

Emma: Creative & Sporty. Superpower: Murdering songs in the office.

Wendy: Super organised and a complete insomniac. Superpower: Rapping...

Nikki: Likes potatoes and shopping. Superpower: Pronouncing Irish names.

Kaya: Does websitey and personalised stuff and lover of Lady Grey. Superpower: Moving in and out of houses numerous times per year.

Catherine: Makes the personalised gifts. Superpower: makes the best cuppa in the office.

Catherine Cole Not Another Bunch Of Flowers



Maya: In charge of spreading the word about all that we do. Superpower: Definitely the gift of the gab!

Maya Mahir

Cathy: Our doodler, artist and designer. Superpower: Drinks 37 cups of tea and coffee per day.

Maddie: NABOF Pup. Superpower: Puppy eyes.

Noodle: NABOF Dog. Superpower: Jumps like a kangaroo. 

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