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Meet Our Lovely Little Team

Anikka Burton

This is Anikka.  The one who set up this site. You can read about her full story here.  Despite what you may think by the name of the business, she does like flowers (and doesn't want her husband to forget that)!  She also loves beaches, mountains and dog walks, duvet days, Christmas, parties and prosecco.  She hates replacement buses, needles, spiders and, most of all, cancer.


Lucy Myram

This is Lucy.  She is a gift-wrapping afficionado and a secret geek with a spreadsheet-loving streak.  Lucy joined the team in January 2015 and is now full-time.  She loves designing gardens, sunshine, red wine and marmite.  She hates the dentist, noisy neighbours and goats cheese. 


Emma Sowden

This is Emma.  Super duper organised and efficient to boot.  Emma joined the team in December 2014 and helps with wrapping our gifts when not running around after her two little monkeys.  She loves running through mud, adventures, DIY, camping and laughing.  She hates blackcurrant sweets, brown patches on her lawn and being miserable.



Not Another Bunch Of Flowers Jess

This is Jess. Jess joined us in early 2016 and is the youngest member of our team, but with the highest IQ! She likes cute stationery, wrapping up warm, campfires, the sea, archery, avocados, walking in the woods, baking cupcakes & novelty socks. She hates slugs, train delays, assignment deadlines & TV adverts.


Kate Creese


This is Kate. Kate is our Customer Services Manager and joined the team in October 2016. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer in January 2016, but luckily it was caught early and she has recently been given the all clear. Hurrah! You can read her story here. She likes singing, fancy dress and a nice glass of wine (or two...!). She hates bananas and has a phobia of ET. Ooh, and she once auditioned for the X Factor!


Lucie Murphy

This is Lucie. Lucie joined us in January 2017. Another member of the team who understands what it's like to go through treatment for cancer, having been diagnosed with breast cancer a couple of years ago. She likes sushi, crosswords and long, lazy walks (not sure how a walk can be long AND lazy!) and hates goats cheese, flying and tequila.



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