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5 Genuinely Useful Gifts To Give Someone Going Through Cancer Treatment

5 Genuinely Useful Gifts To Give Someone Going Through Cancer Treatment

It can be hard to know how to help when someone you love is diagnosed with cancer. Giving a gift is a lovely way to show you're thinking of them, but what's best to send? Below we list 5 thoughtful yet practical presents, perfect for those going through cancer treatment.

Bespoke Gift Box Subscription Service

1. Queasy Drops - These tasty, all natural sweets are designed to not only help a queasy tummy, but to get rid of the horrid metallic taste that chemo can cause. Available in tubs of individual sweets, packets of lollipops and a variety of flavours, Queasy Drops will feel like a sweet treat whilst really helping with nausea.

2. Headwear -  Until you lose your hair you wont know if you prefer hats, wigs, scarves, beanies... so to have a choice is really useful. We have a range of scarves, berets and beanies (these make great sleep caps or a soft layer between itchy wigs and hats too) in a range of designs suitable for Men, Women and Children

3. Safe Skincare - it's important to look after skin during cancer treatment as chemo can cause dry and cracked skin and lips, and nails can become brittle and even fall out. Radiotherapy can also cause the treatment area to become really sore. Defiant Beauty's Range of Pampering Toiletries have been designed specifically for those going through cancer treatment, so are all natural and safe to use, along side our Trust and Burt's Bees toiletries too.

4. Things to pass the time - hospital waiting rooms and long treatment sessions can be a little (or very!) boring. Why not treat your loved one to some fun bits to help pass the time, both in hospital or while recuperating at home. Our Puzzle Books are the perfect size to slip into a hospital bag or pocket, or our Adult Colouring Sets are a relaxing way to while away the hours. Our Tablet Stands are a popular light weight, hands-free way to catch up on TV boxsets.

5. Bespoke Gift Subscription - Many people send tokens of their well-wishes when someone is first diagnosed with an illness. However, as treatment goes on and on and can get harder and harder, it is lovely to receive little treats to provide a little boost and act as a reminder that someone is rooting for you. 

Our Gift Box Subscription was introduced to send a gift to coincide with every chemotherapy session, but we will work with you to create a unique, personalised plan to ensure your loved one receives a gift at just the right time. 


We also offer a range of Appropriate Cards, in which we can hand write a message of your choosing, or can be left blank for your own message. 

One More Chemo Down Emily McDowell Empathy CardWell This Just Sucks Friendship Emily McDowell Empathy Card

All of our gifts can be loving wrapped and sent directly to the recipient, or returned to you. Browse our full range of thoughtful and practical gifts for people going through cancer treatment here.


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Pauline Wild - January 27, 2019

I am the manager of a Waterside Cancer Support Center,the The Grove, Hythe, Hampshire. Ironically,I have colon cancer.i have had the tumours removed and I am now having chemo. I was wondering if you have leaflets that we could have in our centre?
This is a brilliant idea. I had so many glorious flowers, but it was a little overwhelming. Plus, I ran out of vases!

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