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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I avoid when choosing a present for my friend who is undergoing cancer treatment?

A: I'm afraid it's a bit of a minefield and depends what type of cancer your friend has and what treatment they are having. Some patients are advised to avoid dairy which means many foodstuffs are off the list. Many homeopathic and aromatherapy agents have been proven to interfere with certain drugs including many chemotherapy agents and other drugs. Many patients choose to avoid toiletries containing parabens, sulphates, perfume and other chemicals as there are some schools of thought that these may promote the cancer's growth - and, unfortunately, even some aromatherapy and homeopathic ingredients are also a no-go as they interact with the chemotherapy agents. Some patients aren't even allowed fruit and flowers on the ward! I've handpicked a selection of pretty and pampering natural gifts that should be suitable for most types of treatment - and all of which I would loved to have received during my treatment. 

Q: How do I know that the toiletries in the gift bags will be suitable for my friend?

A: I have selected products with all natural ingredients that are paraben and sulphates free. I also did some market research with fellow patients to ensure they are products that they would use/would have used during treatment. I am, however, not a medical professional so while the products are all natural, any patient should double check the ingredients before using them.

Q: What are your delivery options?

A: Please click here for delivery details.

Gifts can either be sent directly to the recipient or to you to give to them in person.

Q. How will my gift be packaged?

A: We take pride in packaging our get well gifts with as much care as you would when sending a gift directly to a friend - not just in a plain box with a printed labels like some companies. We describe the gift-wrapping and packaging options on the individual product pages.

Q: How do I include my gift message?

A: All gifts will include a tag with a handwritten message of your choice. There is also a large selection of get well cards that can be attached to your gift with a message of your choice. Please include your message at checkout. 

Q: What payment options do you accept?

A; Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Visa Debit.

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