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Death Of A Loved One

'Your Time On Earth' Card | Communicating With Someone Who Is Dying

OK. This is a bit of a heavy topic for a Monday afternoon... (Sorry!). What do we think of this card that has been designed for someone whose time on earth is growing shorter?

Your Time On Earth Card

I love all of Emily's cards, (and I do have a few of these in stock as am asked on a daily basis for gift and card ideas for loved ones in palliative care) but I have to be honest, I wasn't too sure about this card when I saw it. Mainly because I wasn't sure if us Brits were ready for for a card that talks so openly about death. But on the other hand, I do think that this should change and we need to be able to talk more openly about it. Thanks mainly to social media, we are so much more open about mental health, illness and other major life challenges. But it does tend to be that it is the person actually experiencing it who is open. The people around them can still be uncomfortable talking about it. This is the same about death. Many of those who are about to die have accepted it on some level and want and need to be able to talk about it. And talking about it is a two-way process. And as terribly sad and horrible as it is to think and acknowledge it, let's face it, it is going to happen to us all at some point. (Hopefully later, rather than sooner!) It is an inevitability, unlike many other things in life.

When someone you love is dying, it often feels impossible to say the things you want to say to them. But are regrets worse than having conversations that you may find don't come naturally? This card was made to help that conversation feel a little more possible. Would you send a card? And if so, would you send a card like this, or focus more on the 'thinking of you' cards?

It's a hard one...

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