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empathy cards to send for illness, grief, divorce, mental health, new baby, birthday

When You Can't Find The Words: Our Range Of Cards Can Say It All

Know Someone Who's Going Through Something Life-Changing? Send Them A Card...

Sometimes we just don’t know what to say to someone who’s going through a life-changing situation - or we try our very best but the words feel clumsy and cringey or vague and insensitive.

“It’ll be ok” just doesn’t cut it anymore and neither does the ‘hush-hush’ approach. These days it’s all about sharing problems, removing stigma and being open, honest, supportive and accepting of whatever challenge someone is going through – be it illness, divorce, grief, depression, anxiety or any kind of change – from welcoming a new baby to celebrating a big birthday.

We know that words don’t come easily to most of us which is why we offer a range of gorgeous, clever cards which help deliver a message with exactly the right vibe.

Whether you know someone who’s battling an illness or going through a difficult time, we’ve got a card to help let them know that you care, that you’re thinking about them and that life sucks sometimes. Brilliantly designed and guaranteed to deliver that smile, boost or warm fuzzy feeling - these cards get it right every time, without clichés and often with a good dose of humour (because there isn’t always the right thing to say but making someone laugh is often a good start).  And each card has plenty of room inside for writing your very own personal message, however short and sweet, we can even write and send it for you along with a beautifully wrapped personalised gift.

Need some inspiration? Here are a few of our favourite cards for when you want to say something but don’t know how.

‘I didn’t know what to say’ card

Empathy card when you don't know what to sayFor those times when you think you’ve left it too long, this card will help you connect (because it’s never too late).

‘Take away your pain’ card

empathy card to show someone you care

The perfect card for telling someone that you’re there for them – with a little humour thrown in at the end (because it’s not cool to compare)

‘New normal’ card

empathy card to send someone facing a life changing challenge
A great card to show that you’re there for anyone who’s had to face a massive upheaval – and for whom life won’t be the same.

‘I hate that you’re going through this’ card

empathy card to send someone who's having a hard time
Simple but effective and with a pretty, bright design – this Angela Chick card is one of our most popular.

‘This must be hard’ card

empathy this must be hard card
We love this card for its honesty - another great Angela Chick option for someone going through hard times

‘Promise not to say’ card

perfect empathy card to send when you can't find the words
A lovely card by Dandelion Stationery – because it’s not ok to say ‘it’ll be ok’

‘I imagine you feel’ card

empathy card I can't imagine how you feel
This card just says it perfectly and would be hugely appreciated by anyone going through a rubbish time. Designed by the lovely Shirley at Oh Hello Shan Creative


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