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Cervical Cancer Prevention Week - A Cause Close To Kate's Heart

Cervical Cancer Prevention Week - A Cause Close To Kate's Heart

This week was Cervical Cancer Prevention Week, a cause very close to Kate's heart. Kate is our lovely customer services manager and most of you will probably have chatted to her via email. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer 2 years ago at the age of 29, which unfortunately returned and spread to her ovary last year, cue multiple surgeries, egg-freezing, chemo and radiotherapy.

Cervical Cancer


If she'd known more about cervical cancer, maybe she would have gone for her smear test sooner and avoided going through all this cancer malarky. So she has written a blog on 5 things she didn't know about cervical cancer before she had it. She hopes that by sharing her knowledge and experience she will encourage anyone putting off their smear test to think again. Click here to read her blog.

Cervical Cancer

And if you want to read more about what she's faced and is going through, with updates, articles and embarrassing photos, please like and follow her new page Kate Vs. Cervical Cancer.

Love your bits, love yourself, and book your smear test! x

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