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100% Cotton Chemotherapy Headwear Berets

Back In Stock: 100% Cotton Chemotherapy Headwear Berets

BACK IN STOCK: Our contemporary 100% cotton berets are beautifully soft, lightweight, breathable and available in a range of colours. This chemotherapy headwear wont irritate, itch or heat up your sensitive scalp, which is really important.

They are suitable for wear all year round.

When I was going through chemo I found it very difficult to find contemporary headwear suitable for a younger cancer patient. I loved these. I had a variety of colours and just popped one on when I left the house. I did have a wig, but it was so uncomfortable and hot and scratchy, so I lived in headscarves and cotton hats and beanies.

Please click here to see our handpicked headwear.

If you are looking to buy a gift for a friend going through chemotherapy we can wrap the hats for you and either send the package to you to give in person, or send them directly to the recipient with a handwritten message of our choice. Click here to view our range of cards to complete your parcel.

Chemotherapy Headwear

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