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Hush Pyjamas and Dressing Gowns

I am really pleased that I am becoming a wholesaler of Hush UK.

Their pyjamas are BY FAR the best quality and cosiest and comfiest that I have found and the dressing gowns are so snuggly and soft. Not only that, but they come in so many gorgeous prints that I am spoilt for choice!

The pyjamas also come in a gorgeous drawstring bag that matches the pyjamas. Perfect for doubling up as a laundry bag.

I popped into the warehouse yesterday to have a good snoop at their nightwear and placed an order immediately. Their birdie design is really cute, you can never go wrong with polka dots and they have a beautiful vintage rose print. I had to order all three. I will most certainly be expanding into some of their other products ASAP.

Pyjamas and dressing gowns make a fantastic get well gift for anyone having to get lots of rest at home or spend lots of time in hospital. Who wants to wear the horrible hospital gowns? Especially when you have visitors. Button-front pyjamas are even more practical as they are easier to put on and take off if you are feeling a bit sore or delicate - or if the doctors need to check above-the-waist surgery regularly. They are also great for new mums. When I went in for my surgery I had a panicked few days rushing around buying button-up pyjamas and other useful things for my surgery. I'd have loved a pair of these!


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