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Little Bags Of Happiness

Little Bags Of Happiness

Our Little Bags Of Happiness have raised over £5,000 in 5 months for Macmillan Cancer Support! The aim is to get to £52,000 which is the amount needed to fund a Macmillan nurse.

My Macmillan nurse was an incredible source of support during my diagnosis and treatment for both my husband and for me. She was there to listen, hold my hand, wipe away the tears and offer advice at every step. I am eternally grateful, and want to earn as much money for this charity as thank you to her - and to help others receive the support I did.

Inspired by Pixie's Happy Bags, these are the perfect addition to your gift package. These little bags contain a heartfelt and lovely message with the full amount going to Macmillan Cancer Support. Each bag has a tag that explains the contents as follows:

  • Marble - for when you lose yours
  • Penny - so you will never be broke
  • String - for when you can no longer hold it together
  • Heart - so you remember you are loved
  • Lucky Charm - so you have luck on your side
  • Star - to wish upon

Each bag is £2 and the full amount is donated to Macmillan.

PLEASE NOTE that if you wish to buy just the Little Bags of Happiness without any other gifts, please do the following:

  • if your order is for 15 or less, go to to donate the amount covering the cost of your Little Bags of Happiness plus £1 to cover P&P (UK only - for overseas orders please contact me directly). I will pay for the postage myself, so the full amount will still be donated to Macmillan. Don't forget to include your name so I know who the donation is from.
  • email me at with your address details.
  • if your order is for 15 or more, please email me at to check availability. For very large orders I will need some notice in order to put the bags together.

This will mean that more will be donated to Macmillan as it will be VAT free.

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