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The Daily Kindness Project

'One Of A Kind' Nomination | The Daily Kindness Project

We were very touched to have received this lovely email from The Daily Kindness Project today:

The Daily Kindness Project

'Thank you for spreading a little kindness in the world.

Anikka and the team at Not Another Bunch of Flowers, you have been nominated to receive a 'One of a Kind' award for being a genuinely awesome and kind bunch of human beings.

Not a day goes by when you aren't doing something to transform the lives of those around you. Whether it's packaging up chemo treats or sending people 'appropriate' cards so they can provide meaningful support to those going through serious illnesses and/or difficult times in their lives, you shine a light in the darkness both with your products and the way in which you travel through each day.I hope you know just how amazing you all are. 

No kind act is ever wasted and, just know, that you are changing the world with each and every one.

Thank you for you.

9 January 2019 is your day. Go out there and show the world just how amazing you are.

Stay awesome,

The Daily Kindness Project xx (acting on behalf of all your admirers).'

How utterly lovely is that?!! So chuffed and really, really touched. Totally made my year so far!

Thank you to The Daily Kindness Project and whoever nominated us... xx

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