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Not Another Bunch Of Flowers is 6

Happy Birthday To Us!! 6 Years Old Today!

6 whole years! Blimey!

Not Another Bunch Of Flowers

6 years ago I had a launch party in South London with my friends and family and set the website live! With the inspiration behind my business being my cancer diagnosis, we started off offering cancer care packages, hospital hampers and general get well gifts. Within months we had grown to become more of a lifestyle gift-giving brand with gifts for mums-to-be, new mums, birthdays, Christmas and other special occasions. Within a year we had moved from my kitchen table to an office in the local town and then to a converted barn surrounded by the Sussex countryside...

When I launched the business we were the only ones offering gifts specifically for cancer patients and people in hospital and I am so proud of how we've grown. We've also donated over £22,000 to various charities in recognition of the support I received during my diagnosis and treatment.

Thanks so much to all of you for supporting this little small business. We are so grateful.

Time for a slice of cake and a cuppa....X

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