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Touch Wood Charm


With this little wooden charm the wearer is always able to subtly "touch wood"! Perfect for those who are a little superstitious and want to avoid bad karma whilst ill.

Touch wood charms were used by soldiers on their uniforms in World War One and they were 'touched' for good luck. This pretty charm can be worn on a chain or on a bracelet for a touch of good luck.

  • A disc of walnut engraved with the phrase "touch wood" on a tag that reads "for a little bit of good luck".
  • Silver plated brass ring.
  • Charm measures 2cm in diameter.

Also available as a necklace and a bracelet.

    Suitable For...  Everyone - particularly those who need a little extra luck in their lives, and for the superstitious!
    Handpicked Because... I LOVE these and wear mine every day and subtly touch my wooden disc when I reply to the frequently asked question of how I'm doing. "Fine, thank you very much" (touch wood!). Jewellery is also a much appreciated and much longer-lived alternative to flowers. The recipient can wear this every day and know that you are thinking of them, while flowers only last for a week.
    Gift Packaging... Presented with a little tag wishing the recipient luck and lovingly wrapped in tissue paper.  Gift tag included with a handwritten message of your choice.
    Why Not Add...  A Get Well Card, A Little Bag Of Happiness or A Chocolate Message.