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"Too Far Away" Get Well Card


A lovely get well card from Dandelion Stationery.

Designed in a little studio in Derbyshire by a lovely lady called Jo, whilst drinking copius amounts of tea and eating the odd biscuit.

The text on the front of the card reads:

'If I was with you right now I would plump up your cushions and make you a hot, sweet drink. I would sit with you and do a crossword, and watch lots of daytime T.V. Trouble is I am just a little bit too far away, but be assured I am thinking of you and sending you lots of get well wishes.'

  • Size: A5, 15x10.5cm
  • High quality 350 gsm paper
  • Contemporary matt finish
  • Blank inside
  • Delivered in the best looking envelope

Cards can either be sent to you or directly to the recipient with a handwritten message of your choice.