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Bold Beanies Posy


Gorgeously soft Bold Beanies and a packet of Queasy Drops.

A much more practical and long-lived gift for those having chemotherapy than a bunch of real flowers. These lovely hats are the best hair-loss beanies we have found, They are incredibly soft, comfy and breathable.

  • Sour Raspberry Queasy Drops 100g - the natural way to ease a queasy tummy.
  • 2 x Bold Beanie Roses in Raspberry and Pink - made from 100% breathable cotton.
  • 1 x Liberty Ditsy Print Bold Beanie Rose - made from a natural yarn viscose which has all the benefits of cotton.
  • One size.
  • Perfect on their own or as a liner under woolly hats or helmets.
  • Brilliant all year round. Perfect in warmer weather due to its lightweight, breathable material - much more comfortable than a wig. Perfect in colder weather to wear indoors or under woolly hats.

To view our full range for people undergoing chemotherapy, based on our personal experience, please CLICK HERE.

    Suitable For... Specifically picked for chemotherapy patients.
    Handpicked Because...
    .These are the most luxuriously soft and most comfortable hair-loss beanies we have found. We love that they can be packaged as a bouquet which makes them more interesting as a gift - but much more practical and long-lived than a bunch of real flowers. The Queasy Drops really helped me during my own treatment and alleviated the nausea and cut through the disgusting taste chemo left in my mouth. A wonderful chemo get well gift for someone diagnosed with cancer.
    Why Not Add... 
    Some Pretty Nightwear, A Get Well Card or Some Natural Skincare Products.

    "Just after I was diagnosed with breast cancer, a friend sent me a bold beanie packaged as a beautiful rose. It stood out from all the flowers and chocolates as a very thoughtful present that would also be useful for when I lost my hair. What I didn’t realise until my hair fell out was just how useful these bold beanies would be – my wigs were so uncomfy and my head was constantly cold, so I spent all autumn and winter wearing the hats around the house. My Mum and I ordered several more beanies, so that I had them in a variety of colours, and they also came in handy underneath woolly hats, to stop my head from itching. Brilliant invention!"   Laura Price, author of "The Big Scary 'C' Word"