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Daydream Travelwear Black Sleep Mask and Ear Plug Set


Daydream Travelwear sleep mask and ear plug set.

A totally natural way to enable a good night's sleep (particularly in hospital!) or daytime nap. These are the best eyemasks we have come across - they are comfortable and block out all of the light. They also come with ear plugs and a cool pack that soothes tired eyes, headaches, and hot flushes.

  • Black.
  • Blocks out all light.
  • Free removable gel pack to cool and soothe the eyes.
  • Dual adjustable fastening for complete comfort.
  • Moulds to your face, blocking out all light, even around your nose.
  • Ear plugs included.

Suitable For...  Everyone, especially those staying overnight in hospital or needing to nap during the day.
Handpicked Because... They are the best eyemasks we have come across - comfortable and blocks out all light.
Gift Packaging... Boxed and lovingly wrapped in tissue paper and tied with a ribbon.  Gift tag included with a handwritten message of your choice.
Why Not Add...   A Get Well Card, A Hot Water Bottle or a Some Men's Bed Socks.

"I absolutely love my Daydream eye mask. It completely blocks out all light and stays in place during the night with the double straps. The foam pads are also comfortable rather than those that can be hard or scratchy. The cooling pack is an added bonus when I have a headache or temperature or just for a bit of a pampering session! I'd recommend these eye masks to anyone."  Louise, South-West London.