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Video Gift Messages

You can now include a personal video message with your gift or gift box!

QR Gift Messaging Video


Get the grandkids to record a video message for grandma's birthday, send a personal message to a loved one too far away to see in person or surprise friends and family with a video message for all occasions from Happy Birthday to Get Well Soon!

The recipient will receive a card along with their gift package with a QR code for them to access their accompanying video message.

This is a BRAND NEW product and while we are trialling it we are offering this service for FREE!


Please follow the instructions below.

1. Place your order and checkout as normal. We would still recommend including a written message for your tag or card.

2. Once you have completed payment for your purchase you will see the image below on your order confirmation page:

QR video gift message

3. Click on 'add gift message', then choose an occasion and virtual card. This will show up on the recipient's phone before your video message.

4. Record your video message!

5. Enter the recipient's telephone number in FULL with no spaces and the zero at the start (eg 07888123456) and confirm. (Make sure you get the number right!)

We will then include a card with a QR code on and instructions for the recipient on how to view their message!

QR video message card

All data will be encrypted and the telephone number will not be shared with anyone. The phone number is required for the recipient to receive their unique code to view their message.

IMPORTANT: This is a brand new product that we are trialling to seek customer feedback and are therefore currently offering the service for free. We have run extensive trials but cannot be held responsible for teething problems on behalf of the developers.



To view your video message please follow these simple steps:

1. Open your camera on your phone and hold it over the QR code on your gift card. This will take you to the site to view your message.

2. Enter your telephone number when prompted. Please enter in full with no spaces (eg 07888123456).

3. You will then receive a text with your code to access your special video gift message!

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