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Trust Organic Skincare - Nail & Cuticle Conditioning Serum

We’re sorry, this product is currenly unavailble but will be in stock again very soon.

Trust Organic Skincare - For Sensitive Times.

Nail & Cuticle Conditioning Serum 10ml.

Pesky treatment messing with your manicured talons? This will help reduce dry, flaky and ridged nails, helping return them to their former glory. Ready to stick two well-turned-out fingers up to all of this…

Beautifully presented in a recycled cotton gift bag.

Instructions for use - Apply one small pump to each cuticle and rub gently in a circular motion, encompassing the entire nail.

Ingredients - Camillia Sensensis, Borago Officinalis, Rosa Rubiginosa, Argon Spinosa, Hemp Oil.

At Trust Organic Skincare they realised that in many instances a change in the body results in a change in the outlook towards your skincare regime. Everything from cancer treatment to pregnancy and coeliac disease to allergies can result in having to change skincare and beauty routines as the ingredients involved may no longer be suitable, or in many cases the client becomes more aware of what they do not want to put on their skin as much as what they do… With many of these cases being at the most difficult times in people's lives and with treatment often creating great sensitivity in the skin, they have created a luxury skincare range that is designed with these very sensitive times in mind. You can be reassured (at a time you have more than enough to worry about!) that this range is both safe to use and beneficial during treatment and luxurious to use.

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That many chemotherapy drugs can cause cracked, ridged and flaky nails - and even cause them to fall off. It is very important to keep them oiled and moisturised to help protect them. These products are organic and natural and as they are specifically formulated for cancer patients they avoid the chemicals and essential oils that we are advised to avoid during treatment. You can trust that this contains no ALS, SLS, SLES, SLES, MIT, PBA, Peg100, Palm, Petroleum or Perfume.

    Suitable For... Everyone suffering from sensitive skin or sensitive to smell, but deserving of some luxurious pampering. This nail oil is particularly good for those going through chemotherapy to help prevent nail-loss.
    Handpicked Because...  When I was going through treatment the toiletries and skincare ranges for cancer patients were rather basic and uninspiring and as someone who loves a good pampering session with luxurious lotions and potions, I really struggled to find anything I enjoyed using that I knew was safe for use during treatment. As food held no pleasure, I had to avoid crowded places and I wasn't able to have spa treatments, a bit of self-pampering at home was a real treat. This range fits the bill perfectly as it is luxurious, fun and quirky - and (almost as importantly) looks lovely on your bathroom shelf! It is so important to look after your skin during treatment and this range makes it an absolute pleasure. I also love the fun and quirky descriptions - we get far too much clinical stuff with all of the hospital appointments.
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