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'Thank You For Looking After Me' Chocolate


Send your thank you message in delicious Belgian chocolate (33 chocolates). 

If you've ever been poorly, or been to stay with someone who has looked after you, be it friends, family, carers, hospital staff or anyone, be sure to send this yummy message as a reminder that you really appreciate their kindness and care. Sometimes it's the little gestures that make all the difference. The perfect thank you present that can be shared between friends, family, doctors and nurses....that we can pop in the post for you along with a handwritten message of your choice.

The chocolate is premium high-quality Belgian chocolate. We believe the best gestures must be made up of the best chocolate. Our supplier sources their chocolate ethically and processes their cocoa with great care and expertise. The result is a luxury Belgian milk chocolate that is smooth, silky and quite frankly, delicious. Boxes include individual bite-size chocolate letters, perfect to share.

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Suitable For... Chocoholics! But please note that the chocolate is milk chocolate, so will not be suitable for those who choose to avoid dairy.
Handpicked Because... We love these cute little chocolatey messages - and they passed our taste test with flying colours! Yum!