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Legitimate Feelings Journal


Legitimate Feelings journal from Emily McDowell.

This lovely journal is a practical way to become organised and note thoughts and queries. Screen printed chipboard front and back covers with gold foil accents on the front, painted page edges and gold spiral binding.

First rule of journalling: ALL YOUR FEELINGS ARE TOTALLY LEGITIMATE, DAMMIT. Especially the ones that make no sense. Ahem. Just write them down. Write them all down. And then you can re-read your journal ten years from now and feel a strange mix of stabby embarrassment and intense pride in how far you've come.

Journal dimensions: 16.5cm x 21.6cm x 1.9cm.

Suitable For... Everyone.
Handpicked Because... Journals and notebooks are really useful to list side effects, questions for appointments and to-do lists when chemo-brain hits. I made constant notes of queries and concerns to ask my consultants at our next appointments. It was also useful to note chemo side effects to notify the medics - and take down advice and information from appointments. I even had it handy by my bed at night so that when I woke in the middle of the night with something worrying me I could write it down.
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