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Sleep Well Essential Oil Spray Mist


Sleep Well Essential Oil Spray Mist 100ml, expertly formulated for a naturally peaceful night's sleep.

Aromatherapy mist sprays diffuse natural essential oils into your home, not only to they smell amazingly fresh but they are also beneficial to your health and wellbeing.

This lovely essential oil room spray is all natural and free from synthetic fragrances and nasties and is perfect for helping you to relax and sleep. A gorgeous fragrant blend of lavender, sandalwood and mandarin promotes relaxation and restful sleep. The mist is presented in a handy pump top bottle and beautifully packaged in a box.

Lightly spray in the room or over bed linen and allow the mist to settle and enjoy its benefits. As the mist disperses, the essential oil molecules travel through the air and are inhaled into the body to do their magic. A thoughtful present for anyone in need of restful sleep.

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    Suitable For... Everyone needing a bit of pampering, relaxation and a restful night's sleep.
    Handpicked Because...  Everyone deserves a bit of pampering. These products are all natural, smell gorgeous and beautifully packaged.
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