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Chemo Relief Package


This Chemo Relief Package contains useful bits for instant relief from hot flushes and nausea - both very common side effects of chemotherapy.

The cooling pillow creates the cold side of the pillow. All through the night! The Defiant Beauty Cool and Refresh Spritz was specifically formulated for people suffering from hot flushes as a side effect of chemo and is made with totally natural and organic ingredients that are safe for use during treatment. And the Queasy Drops ease queasy tummies - completely naturally.

  • Cooling Pillow (please note it is not a Chillow, but a Lifemax Cooling Pillow - image will be updated shortly).
  • Defiant Beauty Cool and Refresh Spritz 100ml.
  • Queasy Drops 100g - Variety.

Please see below for product details.

To view our full range for people undergoing chemotherapy, based on our personal experience, please CLICK HERE.

That many chemotherapy drugs cause hot flushes - as can surgery. Many patients would benefit from a refreshing spray to cool them down, but worry about the ingredients of many products on the market. This spritz is formulated specifically for cancer patients and is 100% organic and totally natural. 

    Suitable For... Women undergoing chemotherapy and surgery.
    Handpicked Because...  These were my Godsend when I was going through chemo. The hot flushes were unbearable at night and my trusty Chillow was the only thing that allowed me to have a good night's sleep. The cooling spray is the most natural spray on the market and was specifically formulated for cancer patients. And Queasy Drops really helped with my chemo-induced nausea and cut through the yucky chemo taste in my mouth. These gifts will be REALLY useful and appreciated - a fabulous get well gift for a chemotherapy patient.
    Why Not Add... A Get Well Card100% Cotton Beret,or a Bold Beanie Rose.

    ‘I just remember lying in hospital after my surgery, hardly able to move and feeling very hot and uncomfortable, all I wanted was something to spray all over that would cool me down, but I was worried about what was in the products that I had. I just wanted something natural and refreshing - there was nothing.’ Fiona Macrae.

    "I totally recommend the Queasy Drops. I was never actually sick during chemotherapy, but felt very, very nauseous and these really kept the queasiness at bay and taste nice too. In fact, I had to hide them from the kids as they kept nicking them!" Josie, Eastbourne.

    'I can thoroughly recommend the Queasy Drops. A chemo staple for me. They really helped with that horrible chemo mouth/taste.' Bettina.

    Product Information

    Cooling Pillow

    • The pillow recreates the cold side of the pillow. All through the night! It can also be used for daytime lounging.
    • It helps keep you cool throughout the day and night and can be used with a normal pillow to aid a better quality of sleep. Gone are the nights of searching for the ‘cool spot'. The secret is in the sealed gel packs that react to your body heat to create a 'dry' cooling sensation. The pillow is seam free and finished in luxurious cotton – ready to pop under your pillowcase or sheet.
    • Fantastic for headaches, sunburn, hot feet, hot flushes and to combat high temperatures caused by ailments or medication.
    • Dimensions: 41.5cm x 30cm x 0.5cm.

      Defiant Beauty Cool and Refresh-Spritz for Face and Body 100ml.

      • 100% organic and totally natural, with a hint of orange blossom fragrance, this face and body mist cools and refreshes whether in hospital or in the middle of a hot flush. It is also perfect for summer days and sunshine.
      • The Defiant Beauty range is comprised of natural, organic and effective skin care products specifically for those going through treatment for cancer. These luxurious beauty products are formulated specifically for cancer patients and their unique skin requirements.
      • Instructions for use: Spray on face and body to cool and refresh.
      • Ingredients: Citrus aurantium.

      Queasy Drops

      • A natural (and tasty!) way to ease a queasy tummy.
      • Variety Queasy Drops 100g (Green Tea With Lemon, Ginger, Banana, Sour Raspberry, Cola).
      • Ingredients: Dried cane syrup, corn syrup, citric acid, natural flavours and colours.
      • Queasy Drops were conceived and developed by health care professionals who are daily witnesses to how debilitating nausea can be. They came to realise that not every nausea remedy works for every person or situation, and that many people would prefer not to take a prescription if they can avoid it. They found that a lot of their patients wanted something “natural” and so came up with Queasy Drops!
      • Effective due to a special formulation of essential oils, aromatherapy and a unique delivery method.