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Look Good Feel Better

Look Good Feel Better

Cancer and cancer treatment can cause physical changes to the way cancer patients look and, as a result, feel about their face and bodies. Look Good Feel Better is an international cancer support charity who offer free services to woman and teenagers effected by cancer treatment. The charity is dedicated to improving the self-esteem, confidence and well-being of people undergoing treatment for any sort of cancer by providing free group and self-help skincare and make-up workshops across the UK.

Look Good Feel Better held their first UK Workshop in 1994 and has to date provided support to more than 130,000 patients. The workshops and masterclasses are run by trained Look Good Feel Better beauty volunteers who provide practical help as well as tips and techniques for minimising side-effects such as skin changes, eyebrow and eyelash loss.

Cancer can rob a woman of her energy and strength but with the support of Look Good Feel Better it need not take away her self-confidence.

Look Good Feel Better also produces a bi-annual magazine which can be viewed online.

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Having the right support and advice is critical at a time when you feel at your most vulnerable. Here at Not Another Bunch Of Flowers we have put together a list of amazing charities, support groups, helpful blogs, products and services to help you, your family and friends through this difficult time.

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