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Hope For Tomorrow Charity

Hope for Tomorrow

Travelling to and from treatment appointments can be stressful, time consuming and costly. In 2007 Hope for Tomorrow launched the world’s first Mobile Chemotherapy Unit in a unique partnership with the NHS. Owned and maintained by the Charity, and operated by highly trained NHS staff, these well-equipped Units allows cancer patients to receive treatment in a restful environment closer to home, saving stressful long distance travel and minimising waiting times. The nursing teams travel to and from the daily location of the Unit, along with any additional supplies or equipment that's required.

The Units can visit up to 5 locations each week, treating 12-18 patients a day. See where the mobile chemotherapy units go. 

In March 2017 Hope for Tomorrow announced a partnership with Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, the largest cancer centre in Europe, to provide parts of Surrey and South London with a Mobile Chemotherapy Unit. The service will be launched in July 2017 and the treatment locations will be selected based on where they can treat the most patients at any given point. 

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