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Breast Cancer Haven

Breast Cancer Haven

The diagnosis is just the start. Treatment such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and medication all take a toll on an individual and their families. Based on the principle nobody should have to face breast cancer alone, The Haven offers professional nurses, therapists, counsellors and advisers to listen to individual concerns regarding practical, emotional and physical support following a breast cancer diagnosis. 

The Haven was founded in 1997. Concerned with the lack of emotional support available to anyone diagnosed with breast cancer, Sara Davenport opened the first Breast Cancer Haven in London, 2000. A further four Haven's have opened with more planned over the coming years. Each Haven exudes warmth, comfort and safety – far removed from the hospital environment that many patients have experienced. There are no geographical restrictions or a need for a doctor referral to visit a Breast Cancer Haven. Find a Breast Cancer Haven near you.

What is on offer at a Breast Cancer Haven. 

One-to-One Support -  ten hours of free therapies and two hours with a nurse specialist, over a time-frame that suits you. Free of charge. 

Classes, talks, courses - all specifically chosen to support people with breast cancer. Each schedule is different in each location. Please check the What's On section of the website.

Resources - The Haven also offer a number of resources for those who are unable to access a centre. These include helpful films and CD'sadvice and support over the phone from a specialist cancer nurse, support days in various locations across the UK and a number of YouTube videos covering a variety of subjects from fitness, to tips on how to look good during treatment. 

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Having the right support and advice is critical at a time when you feel at your most vulnerable. Here at Not Another Bunch Of Flowers we have put together a list of amazing charities, support groups, helpful blogs, products and services to help you, your family and friends through this difficult time.

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