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Hurrah! You did it! End of treatment cards and gifts

What should I buy for someone who has finished cancer treatment?

It's been a long, hard slog but they've done it - your loved one has finished their cancer treatment and you want to celebrate! But finishing treatment doesn't mean that it's all over. The road to recovery is long and it can take a long time to start to feel better and back to 'normal'. So what is an appropriate present for someone who has finished treatment? We've put together a few gift ideas below...

Pampering Products

The various treatments for cancer are physically gruelling, both during and after treatment. Did you know that radiotherapy keeps working on your body for several weeks after you've finished treatment? And it can take over a month for your immune system to get back to normal after chemotherapy? Not to mention the recovery time for various surgeries. Your loved one deserves a pamper!

Defiant Beauty Beyond Beauty Frankincense Spray Defiant Beauty Gift SetBeyond Beauty Defiant Beauty Morning Oil

The Beyond Beauty range from Defiant Beauty is completely natural and organic and has been specifically formulated for use after treatment for cancer to promote rejuvenation and regeneration.

Our range of Gift Sets include lots of natural and safe to use toiletries and pampering products, and come in a selection of pretty wash bags and gift boxes.


Our range of pretty but meaningful necklaces, bracelets and charms are a lovely way to send a little love and luck, and a constant reminder that you are in their thoughts.

Touch Wood Necklace

You can see our full range of jewellery here.

 Mindfulness and Wellbeing Gifts

The end of treatment is indeed a time for celebration, but well meaning loved ones don't always realise that it can also be a time of worry and fear - What happens now? What does the future hold? Mindfulness has been shown to help with a number of conditions such as anxiety and stress, as well as coping with issues such as insomnia. 

Totally Legitimate Feeling Journal

We've chosen a selection of lovely gifts including useful books, calming colouring sets, journals for noting worries and thoughts and many more thoughtful gifts for you to choose from (plus they're good for passing the time during recuperation). You can view them all here


Calming Home Comforts

Now the constant hospital appointments have finished, many feel an expectation to get back to the old routine. This can be a relief for some but a little daunting for others, especially as one of the most common side effects following treatment can be fatigue.

Hottie Highland CowBeefayre Bee Calm Lavender Calming Gift Box SetMonkey Lavender Socky Doll

Lavender is a natural ingredient known to encourage calm and relaxation. We have lots of gorgeous lavender goodies for the home, including Candles, Pillow Sprays, Toiletries Gift Sets and even these super cute, lavender scented Socky Dolls and Warmies - perfect as a nap time companion (and not just for children!)

It can be hard to find the right words for such an emotional time. Our range of End Of Treatment Cards can help you out, with a sweet little "Hurrah!" or words of encouragement. 

Hurrah! You did it! End of treatment card

You can find our full range of cards and gifts to celebrate the end of treatment here



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