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What can I buy for a friend who has been bereaved or lost a loved one?

What can I buy for a friend who has been bereaved?

Here at Not Another Bunch Of Flowers we understand that a gift won't make awful situations go away, and that a gift can't really make things better, but it can help to show how much you care and let a loved one know you're thinking of them - especially for those who are far away and aren't able to physically be there for support.

We get a lot of customers asking for advice on how to support someone who has lost someone dear to them and for suggestions of practical and appropriate gifts that are different from your normal bunch of flowers. So below is our guide to what to buy for a friend who has lost a loved one.

Say it with a card

When someone passes away, it can be hard to find the right words to express how you feel. Knowing what to say, and just as importantly what NOT to say, can be tough. Our range of honest but caring cards by Emily McDowell, Dandelion Stationary and Angela Chick will help to say what you can't.

 Awkward Sympathy Emily McDowell Empathy Card  This Must Be Hard Angela Chick Empathy Card
  I Didn't Know What To Say Emily McDowell Empathy CardLean On Me Dandelion Stationery Empathy Card

Say it with chocolate

If you still can't find the words, or are maybe searching for a few more, why not say it with chocolate? Our Chocolate Messages by Morse Toad include "Big Chocolate Hug", "Thinking Of You" and "I'm Here For You", all spelled out with individual Belgian milk chocolate letters. 

Big Chocolate Hug


Or add a little extra cosy comfort with our "Thinking Of You" Sock Gift Set, which comes with it's own chocolate hot water bottle.

Thinking Of You Bed Sock Gift Set

Relaxing gift ideas

During difficult times the emotional stress can also impact on our bodies, causing tension and fatigue. Why not treat your friend to some pampering products to help them relax and allow them to catch up on some much needed rest.

Our BeeFayre Bee Calm range is made of natural ingredients and contains lavender to help promote calm and rest - from Candles to add calm to a room, to their Bath and Body Set to encourage some pampering.

Beefayre Bee Calm Gift Set

Defiant Beauty's Lavender Pillow Spray is a lovely natural sleep aid, and could be paired with an Eye Mask Set to become a thoughtful gift for those who are struggling to sleep. 

Defiant Beauty Pillow Spray and Daydream Star Eye Mask And Ear Plug Set

Gifts to keep close to the heart

We know there isn't a gift that can take away the pain of someone suffering a loss. But there are small tokens that a grieving loved one can keep close to them during difficult times to remind them they aren't alone. 

Our range of necklaces, bracelets, keyrings and charms read with messages of love and support, including "You are loved", "Blessings and prayers" and "Thinking of you".

You Are Stronger Than You Think BraceletBlessings And Prayers NecklaceThinking Of You Cloud Charm

All of our gifts can be lovingly wrapped and either sent to you to give in person, or sent directly to the gift recipient with a handwritten message of your choice - written in the card, if you have purchased one, or on a gift tag if not.

Please contact us at or via our live chat if you would like any advice or help selecting an appropriate gift.

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