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Trust Organic Skincare For Cancer Patients

Trust Organic Skincare

Trust Organic Skincare is a new range that was launched exclusively through Not Another Bunch Of Flowers in December 2016. This soft launch was a conscious decision given the sensitive nature of the ranges market.

Trust Organic Skincare

It is fully UK safety assessed and made and handpoured in the U.K.

The ingredients are gentle and of the highest quality and free from potentially harmful preservatives and oils that may irritate very sensitive skin and were designed with the effects of chemo, radio and hormone therapy in mind by a holistic therapist who has been treating clients for over twenty years and realised there wasn't anything to offer her clients in the luxury skincare market that customers with sensitive damaged skin due to sickness and treatment could enjoy that didn't seem just clinical.

Trust Organic Skincare The Master Collection

The Trust Organic Skincare website is due to be launched in the next six weeks so should help clients who wish to do further due diligence or research and then will be realised to the open market in June of this year.

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