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Top Five Gifts For Cancer Patients

Top Five Gifts For Cancer Patients

It can be really tricky to find the right words to say to someone who has just been diagnosed with cancer and equally difficult to find a suitable gift. Some would say it is a bit of a minefield. You might be thinking of something that is practical, or a gift to lift your loved ones spirits or something to make them feel special. The obvious go-to options are flowers or fruit and whilst both are lovely gestures, they are a short term gift that only lasts a couple of days. You may not even be aware but many hospitals have banned flowers and fruit (especially wards treating cancer patients) because of the risk of infection. So what is a suitable gift that shows thought and meaning?

Here at Not Another Bunch Of Flowers, we have put together our top 5 gifts for cancer patients and why they tick all the boxes. All gifts from Not Another Bunch of Flowers are lovingly wrapped and include a handwritten gift tag.

Pampering Gift Sets – we have a variety of different gift sets containing natural and organic products. Like all our products these have been specifically handpicked with many formulated specifically for cancer patients and their unique skin requirements and are suitable for use during treatment. As well as pampering products some of our gift sets contain practical gifts such as pretty eye masks and ear plug sets to help with busy, bright and noisy wards and to aid much-needed sleep.

Headwear – hairloss is a common and often distressing side effect of chemo. To feel prepared by having a selection of beanies and scarves ready for when it happens can help you feel a bit more organised. We have handpicked a selection of headscarves and beanies, some of which are packaged as a pretty rose, making it a thoughtful and practical gift. The beanies are 100% cotton, are available in a variety of plain colours and Liberty prints and are perfect as a sleep cap, as a liner under hats and scarves, or simply worn on their own. The headscarves are available in pretty, feminine and contemporary designs.

Best gifts for cancer patients

Nightwear and Cosy Comforts
– home comforts are especially important when you are spending a lot of time in hospital receiving treatment or recovering from surgery. They also make a great gift once your loved one is back home recuperating. We stock a variety of beautiful cotton pyjamas (front button fastening for ease when recovering from surgery), kimonos, cosy slippers and bed socks, all of which make ideal gifts for both men and woman.

 Nightwear gifts for cancer patients
Queasy Drops – not an obvious gift choice but a really thoughtful gift that shows you are acknowledging how they might be feeling. Whilst not everyone is physically sick when undergoing chemotherapy many will have waves of nausea or at the very least a nasty taste in their mouths. Many people go off their favourite food saying it simply doesn’t taste right. Therefore having something that cuts through the nasty taste or helps subside the sickness would be a real welcome relief. Developed by health care professionals, both Queasy Drops and Queasy Pops come in a variety flavours, all fruity and fresh rather than sweet and sugary. They make a unique gift on their own or as part of a larger gift package.

Queasy Drops Gift

Bespoke Gift Subscription
– our “Gift Box Subscription” is ideal for those going through treatment or for people with long-term illnesses to whom you would like to send little regular reminders of your well-wishes. Cancer is a long process, there are often months of treatments, tests, hospital appointments and stays as well as long periods of time recovering at home. Being so unwell can be very lonely and isolating and knowing that someone is thinking of you can really raise your spirits especially if the gift is well thought out. Our Gift Box Subscription allows you to set your own budget, gifts can either be sent on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even to coincide with chemo treatments. It is totally bespoke based on your requirements. We will even contact you each time one of your gifts are dispatched to ensure the handwritten gift tag has your personal message attached. The gift subscription also works well for group collections for colleagues or clients.

Gift service for cancer patients

Still not sure what to get or need some additional help? No problem! We love talking to people about presents and can talk you through our recommendations based on our own experience and expertise. Drop us an email or contact us on social media, the girls in the office would be more than happy to help you find the perfect gift.

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