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'Thinking of You' gifts

'Thinking of You' gifts – who could you send one to?

All of us will feel down and low at some point in our lives. This could be because of serious illness, relationship difficulties, maybe work or career prospects are not working out as planned, a bereavement, new mums overloaded with responsibility and sleep deprivation or we are simply struggling with day-to-day anxieties or worries.

That feeling of being stressed, lonely or isolated from those around us can be all-consuming, and it can often be worse if we feel we are on our own. This is where having a good friend or family member is key - someone we can turn to when things get tough. And it’s great to be that friend but it isn’t always possible to be physically there when a friend needs you. So how do we let those around us know that we are thinking of them? 

OK, so a gift isn’t going make everything alright, but it goes a long way in telling someone you care and they are in your thoughts. But how do you choose the right present? Flowers are fab and universally loved! But they don’t always convey much thought, and after a week or so, that well-meaning gift may have to be thrown in the bin along with the daily reminder that we are thinking of them.

So it is nice to send a gift that will last a while. Something that can be kept and used time and time again to remind your loved one of you. What you might call a ‘pick me up gift.’

Pampering gifts are always popular for this reason. The need to de-stress and allow someone to take better care of themselves when they are feeling down is really important. Here at Not Another Bunch Of Flowers we have handpicked a wide selection of pampering products based on the best quality ingredients that are 100% natural and free from nasties. We especially like the Beefayre selection, which is presented in a beautiful box and then lovingly wrapped by ourselves. Depending on your friend or loved ones circumstances you may choose from Bee Happy: a blend of orange and jasmine for an uplifting and invigorating boost or Bee Calm: containing lavender, ylang ylang and geranium for a sense of tranquillity and harmony; or simply Bee Kind: with the scent of rosemary and neroli for well-being and happiness.

Thinking of you pampering gifts

Candles are also a great choice – they give a great sense of presence and the flickering light, can be very peaceful, especially in the evenings. The Green & Spring indulging or relaxing candle set smells and looks amazing. Made from pure essential oils and handmade in the UK, the pretty glasses can also be kept and used long after the wax has gone. Choose from rose and jasmine with the comforting and restful properties of elderflower and red clover or the relaxing fragrance of lavender with the nurturing and restorative properties of comfrey and rosemary.

luxury candle gift set

If your friend is stressed and worried regardless of the reason it is likely they will not be getting much sleep. Choosing a gift that can aid, soothe and relax at night time may be just the ticket. Our Defiant Beauty Relaxing Pillow Spray is a lovely gift for anyone struggling with sleep. Originally designed for cancer patients due to the 100% natural ingredients, this beautifully scented spray can be used by anyone wishing to create a calming environment when restful nights are in order. Team this with a pretty eye mask to naturally aid relaxation and encourage sleep.

Relaxing pillow spray and eye mask

Keepsakes work well because they have a personal feel to them. They are also a gift that each time they are worn they are a reminder of the sender and their thoughts. Like our silver You Are Loved necklace. The smooth organic shape of the heart makes this a modern piece of jewellery which is a little different and special to other heart shape necklaces. Presented in a white gift box with the message ‘You are loved. Always remember how much you are loved and that we are here for you’, it is a gift that will be worn daily because it means so much.

You are loved necklace gift

The Not Another Bunch Of Flowers team really do like helping people find the right present for a loved one – if you would like to send a “Thinking of you” present but need some inspiration, please contact us and we’ll do our best to make suggestions to suit your friend and budget. We also like attention to detail so we give as much thought and care in hand wrapping your gifts as you have in choosing them. There are no brown oversized boxes just beautifully wrapped gifts with a handwritten message that show your thoughtfulness and care from the moment the gift is received.

Being a good friend is, of course, more than just sending a gift; but sending the right gift, especially if it is unexpected, can really brighten up someone’s day and make them feel acknowledged and cared for. A “Thinking of you” gift always puts a little smile on someone’s face, and being the person who did that, is often even more enjoyable!

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