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Travel essentials

Summer Essentials - home or away

Sometimes a short break either abroad or closer to home is just what is required to get some much needed rest. If you have recently been diagnosed with an illness, a holiday can give you the time and space to acknowledge your diagnosis; you could be planning a few days away to recuperate following treatment; or you may wish to take a holiday with a love one to celebrate the all-clear. Whatever the reason, here are our top 6 holidays essentials to make your trip feel a little more special and help you take care of yourself whilst you are away. These also make excellent gift ideas for a loved one planning a trip away, especially if they are or have been poorly. 

  • The all-important wash bag for all those travel essentials. Whether it is a city break or a fortnight spent by the beach, we have a beautiful selection of wash and make-up bags in different designs and sizes to suit those who like to pack a lot or for those who just need a couple of essentials. 

Beautiful wash bags Wash and make up bags

  • Who doesn’t like a new, crisp, fresh pair of pyjamas? Our beautifully soft, 100 % cotton nightwear will make anyone feel relaxed. So whether you take room service or are simply having breakfast in bed you are sure to look stylish and gorgeous.

Beautiful cotton pyjamas Summer cotton pyjamas

  • Queasy drops for any long journey by car, plane or boat. Queasy drops and Queasy Pops (great for kids) really help with nausea and work for those who feel unwell due to travel sickness. Flavours include peppermint, cinnamon, sour lemon, papaya, ginger and green tea with lemon – a little different from the usual travel sweet.

queasy drops for summer travel

  • If you have been unwell or are still undergoing treatment, trying to get as much rest as possible is essential. Being in unfamiliar surroundings with different noises or trying to rest while travelling (especially long haul) can be tricky. So why not keep out unwanted noise and light with our stylish Daydream sleep-mask and ear plug set. These are the best eye-masks we have come across – they are comfortable and block out all of the light. Combine with ear plugs and a cool pack that soothes tired eyes, headaches, and hot flushes, and you are sure to get the rest you need and deserve.


Eye masks for restful sleep Comfortable sleep mask and ear plug set


  • Keeping a lip balm with you is a must if you want to avoid dry chapped lips. There's no excuse - they're so easy to chuck in your bag and are probably the most affordable skincare going. Our Berts Bees Beewax Lip Balm (trying saying that really fast!) is one of the most natural lip balms available. Loaded with coconut and sunflower oil, rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, it is great way to nourish, condition and soften lips.
Summer soft lips

  •  There is nothing more frustrating when the midday summer sun leaves you all hot and bothered, so to freshen you up and cool you down, cooling sprays are a handy option. Our Defiant Beauty Cool and Refresh-Spritz for face and body is ideally for the summer sunshine. Handpicked because it is 100% natural and organic, this lightly scented spray has been specifically formulated for cancer patients and their unique skin requirements.

Refreshing cooling sprayOrganic pampering summer essentials

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