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Spacemasks Self Heating Eye Masks Are All Kinds Of Amazing & Here's Why!

Our Latest Must-Have Treat Or Must-Buy Gift For Everyone

Instant relaxation, the ability to ‘get away from it all’ (without actually going anywhere) or the chance to grab a few minutes of peace & quiet – we’ve got the product that can do it all and SO much more too! 

Spacemasks are self-heating cotton eye masks which promote calm, can help you drift off to sleep, ease tension headaches or tired eyes and generally provide  a sense of wellbeing. Sounds almost too good to be true – except it’s not! Not only are our team at NABOF HQ already hooked but Spacemasks have also been raved about by publications including Glamour Magazine, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Tatler, The Sunday Times, The Sun, Independent, You Magazine and loads more.

Filled with a think layer of iron filings which gently heat up when they mix with the oxygen molecules in the air, Spacemasks are lightly infused with jasmine, printed with a cute star design and even come with convenient loops for hooking over your ears for a guaranteed snug fit.

Beautifully packaged up in little foil pouches, Spacemasks are available to buy individually or in boxes of 5 and can also be packaged up with other products or added into our customised gift boxes.

The perfect gift for anyone needing a little break from Earthly tensions – whether it’s a tired mama, a friend who’s feeling poorly, someone spending time in hospital or as a little pressie present to yourself, we promise that these will help to recover and reenergize. Simply open the pouch, place the mask over your eyes and enjoy approximately 15 minutes of warmth as you switch off for a bit and drift off to another world. Bliss!

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