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Queasy Drops Review

Customer Review | Queasy Drops

Thank you to Diana who took the time to leave this lovely review on Feefo.

It is the highest compliment when one of our gift recipients returns to buy gifts for their friends and family.

It also includes another shout out to our Queasy Drops. I found them really helpful during my own chemotherapy treatment and am so pleased that others find them useful too. They come in a tub with a variety of flavours and tubs of ginger and sour raspberry and in mixed flavour lollipops. (My faves were the sour raspberry!). They make a great gift for someone starting chemotherapy treatment. Luckily nowadays the anti-sickness meds are great and you shouldn't actually be sick (although some people unfortunately are) but the nausea can be quite debilitating and having these to hand can be comforting and helpful.

Queasy Drops Review

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