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Our Top Thoughtful Gifts To Support Someone You Love Through Breast Cancer

Our Top Thoughtful Gifts To Support Someone You Love Through Breast Cancer

Sometimes Breast Cancer Awareness Month can be criticised for being too light-hearted with all the pink and dressing-up, but we also appreciate that the event does a huge amount to raise money and awareness for those diagnosed with breast cancer and their families. However there is a very serious side to breast cancer and if you have a friend or loved one recently diagnosed or currently under-going treatment, it can be a very difficult time and one of uncertainty. Here is our advice on the things that we found helpful for friends and some ideas of things that you could give them, that are practical and thoughtful.

It is often the practical help that is most appreciated, especially in the beginning. The shock, upset and confusion of a diagnosis is enough to deal with, without having everyone asking hundreds of questions like “how do you feel?” or “what can I do to help?”

So instead of saying, “Let me know if you need anything”, offer to bring dinner the following night, or pick them up and take them to the next doctor’s appointment, or just bring a movie and popcorn over on Saturday evening. Specific offers of help when your friend knows you are going to be there for them, will make them feel more secure about the road ahead.

Cancer is a long process. It is important that your friend feels that you are in it for the long run. Being there not only at the start but throughout the endless appointments, treatments, tired and exhausted days shows a true friendship. And it is important you also don’t give up on yourself.  It’s going to be hard, scary and emotional, and sometimes you’ll get discouraged or realise you may have said something stupid but keep going, she is going to really need you.  We recently wrote a blog about the tumult of emotions that you go through when you learn of a friend’s diagnosis, read it here

There may be times when you wish to buy your friend a gift, something that is practical and helpful.  Understanding what she may need or what may make her feel more comfortable, shows you are really thinking of her, that you have taken the time to select a gift that shows you have given thought to.

Top Gifts For Breast Cancer Patients

To help you, we have listed our top 5 thoughtful gifts to support someone you love through breast cancer:

  • Headwear – one potential side effect of cancer treatment is hairloss. This can be particularly distressing. The outside world now knows you are unwell. But not all headwear is suitable. Our handpicked headwear range is breathable, soft and contemporary. The bold beanie rose is a particular favourite of ours as it offers a practical but pretty alternative gift and is suitable for both inside and outside of the house, used as a sleep cap, worn on it own or under other headwear. 

    gift for cancer patient
  • Natural toiletries - during treatment some people find they are sensitive to particular smells. Some may even make people feel sick. So lightly perfumed products may be best. Most people will opt to stay clear of any products that contain parabens, SLS and synthetic fragrances due to the potential cancer-causing ingredients. There are also essential oils that you are advised to avoid during treatment. With all this in mind finding a suitable pampering gift can be tricky. However, we have a wide selection of handpicked luxuriously pampering toiletries, candles and reed diffusers that are all are 100% natural and free from all nasties. So if your friend mentions her dry lips, sore hands and feet or brittle nails you are sure to find that perfect gift here.

 pampering gift setskincare gift set

  • Cooling relief – Hot flushes and night swears are very common side effects of chemo treatment. A cooling spray such as the Defiant Beauty Cool & Relief Spritz can provide instant relief to this uncomfortable condition and is also very useful for hospital stays as the wards can be very hot and sticky. Or, for a more restful night or nap, take a look at a Chillow Pillow. We only sell the original high quality Chillows made from medical grade materials providing safety and durability. Designed to help keep you cool throughout the day and night and can be used with a normal pillow to aid a better quality of sleep. When rest is needed, this makes a fantastic gift. 

    • Chillow
  • Button-front nightwear – It is likely that those undergoing treatment and surgery for breast cancer are going to spend a significant amount of time in bed resting and recovering. So why not make someone feel a little more stylish and buy them a comfy pair of PJ’s, a beautiful kimono or some cosy slippers. We have a number of beautiful and feminine cotton pyjamas, which are button-front (essential for post-surgery soreness and comfort). Matched with some soft slippers or slipper socks you will make your loved one as comfortable as can be.

get well soon present
  • Queasy Drops – all natural ingredient lollipops or swees that help with the queasiness brought on by medication-induced nausea. These really helped to keep my nausea at bay when undergoing chemo and when food tasted metallic or simply not how it should. These can be added to larger hamper or sold individually. If you are driving your friend to and from appointments why not buy some to keep in your car.

    breast cancer gift

    All our gifts can be ordered to come beautifully wrapped with a handwritten gift tag so your recipient will know every amount of care and thought has been given to your gift.
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