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Gifts for children in hospital

Our top gifts for children in hospital

Staying in a hospital can be scary, even for an adult. So when you know a child who is in hospital, it can be an especially worrying time for everyone involved. Visits (check with parents and carers first) and gifts are likely to be welcomed as they can really brighten a poorly child’s day and make the time go by a bit faster. But what should you choose? 

It is important to keep in mind that not everything will be welcomed. Flowers and fruit are banned from many hospital wards and loud noisy toys or games with lots of tiny pieces may be more trouble than they are worth. Therefore we have listed some of our most popular gifts to give you some inspiration. 

Creative crafts

It can be challenging to entertain children for long periods of time and even more so if they are unwell, spending long periods of time in hospital and bed. Creative toys are a great gift choice because they can be created over time, providing hours of entertainment.

Children can be real heroes especially when they are being so brave. We love our colour-in super hero fancy dress sets. Choose from a super hero cape, swashbuckling pirate, colourful fairy or royal princess and let your imagination flow. There are sure to be hours of fun creating these DIY costumes.


Or for those who don’t like colouring, a build your own giant dinosaur. This dinosaur model can be built inside out and outside in! Once constructed you can deconstruct it and build it back up inside out as this is a reversible set. Learn about the bones that form this massive predator whilst having a totally roar-some time. An easy and fun way to build a great educational toy.


Being isolated from friends and school life can be hard for some children. They are aware that their friends are all still meeting up either at school or clubs and having fun together. Therefore staying in touch and having an opportunity to share their experience with friends can be really important. Our friends postcard set is ideal for creating personalised postcards which can be sent to friends and family or even to other children on the ward. This creative activity set has been specially designed with storage compartments to keep stationery and artwork safe. 



For special hugs

Having a special cuddly toy to hold on to whilst being brave is a must.  Our Warmie Socky Doll collection is ideal for kids of all ages. They can be played with all day and enjoyed whilst snuggling down with them at night, making them the perfect playtime and bedtime toy. In a selection of bright colourful designs, they are sure to brighten up any dull hospital ward. Made entirely from real sock material, fully microwavable and scented with lavender which helps to aid restful sleep, they are a wonderful gift for those needing extra comfort and hugs.


A bit personal

Don’t overlook personal items that can make the child’s hospital stay slightly more comfortable. A lovely pair of soft warm socks can make a real difference to how someone is feeling. Our Totes fun slipper socks keep toes cosy and warm and have a slip resistant tread, ideal for walking around on tiled hospital floors.


For resting

If a child is especially unwell some gifts such as puzzles or books maybe just a little too much for them. If they are likely to be spending long periods of time in bed resting, they may only feel capable of watching TV or listening to audio books. A fun and very useful huggable stand for watching films or TV, surfing the web and reading from the comfort of your bed makes a great gift. Our Coz-E-Reader comes in loads of bright designs in different colours, so you are sure to find one that suits.

For joint gifts or collections

Sometimes a joint gift is an ideal way of telling someone you are all thinking of them. Instead of struggling to think of different gifts to buy a child or bombarding the recipient with lots of gifts all at once, why not buy a gift subscription which allows gifts to be sent over a period of time. This is a totally bespoke service. All we require is a budget, how many gifts you wish to send and over what period of time (gifts can be sent to coincide with treatment) age and gender of the child so the gifts can be tailored for the recipient. Each gift will be carefully selected, beautifully wrapped and sent with a handwritten message. An effective and lovely way to ensure lots of smiles each and every time a gift is delivered. 

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Sonia Khraud - June 22, 2018

I want to place an order for a few items and have selected gift wrap too. Would you please confirm before I purchase the same that all the items will be gift wrapped before being delievered. I am requesting it be delieverd direct to St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London to the ward.

Thank you

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