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Nursem: Treat yourself and thank a nurse

We are really pleased to pledge our support to this campaign. Our pre-order will be with us in a couple of months time. Every hand cream, salve or wash purchased will result in a free one being donated to an NHS nurse or midwife.

Treat yourself and thank a nurse.

Are you looking for the perfect gift to thank a nurse or midwife who has gone the extra mile for you or your family? Rather than sending another box of chocolates or bunch of flowers, why not thank them with something that will really make a difference.

NHS nurses and midwives wash their on average hands 55 times a day and as a result their skin can get severely irritated. After seeing the effects of relentless hand washing, a paediatric nurse's husband has spent the last five years developing Nursem; a therapeutic skincare brand that's on a mission to provide free hand cream to every NHS nurse and midwife by 2025. If Nursem reaches its Crowdfunding target it promises to provide a month’s worth of free hand cream to a nurses and midwives for every product sold. 

They also make great gifts for people spending time in hospital, people going through treatment and new mums. When you are going through chemotherapy treatment your immune system is compromised and you end up washing your hands constantly to help avoid infection. Chemo can also cause increased sensitivity and nasty burns on your hands, so it is important to keep them nourished and moisturised with natural products. I also used the hand wash and cream with my newborn as my hands were horribly dry after being constantly washed following nappy changes etc. 

Nursem has some fantastic rewards for donations, for example, if you pledge £10 you'll receive a tube of Nursem and Nursem will send a tube to a nurse or mifwife of your choice! There's also an opportunity to spend more and thank a nurse with their entire range of product, or even provide hand cream for an entire ward!

To help Nursem on their mission please visit:

Treat yourself and thank a nurse today.

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