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Men's Society Cosmetics Toiletries Gifts and Presents

NEW! Toiletries for men - a thoughtful and practical get well gift

We often get asked for advice on what makes a good gift for men going through cancer treatment. Notoriously difficult to buy for, it can be even trickier to pick something suitable for partners, dads, brothers, friends and other male loved ones going through this difficult time.

Finding cosmetics that are safe to use during cancer treatment, including chemotherapy and radiotherapy, can be a minefield. What is safe to use? What should I avoid? What will the man in my life actually appreciate and use? We've introduced a new line of men's toiletries to help answer these questions and make shopping for men a little easier...

Men's Society Natural Hand Made Toiletries Cosmetics


Men's Society was launched in 2012 at a London kitchen table, and has continued to grow ever since. Despite their growing success, all of their products are still hand made in Great Britain, packed with natural ingredients and bursting with goodness.

We've hand picked a few of their lovely products that we think make great practical presents - and they look good too!

Men's Society Handsome Hands Hand Cream 

Handsome Hands Hand Cream.

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy often dry out the skin and leave it feeling cracked and sore. Designed to soothe his skin, replenish lost moisture and help to heal the damage of daily wear and tear, this hand cream has a thick luxurious texture. It will soften the hardest of skin and leave his hands looking damn handsome.

With a light, refreshing, natural scent of Peppermint and Lemon essential oils, our non-greasy hand cream moisturises without leaving residue. And this 30ml pot is small enough to pop in a pocket on the way out the door.

Men's Society Apothecary Department Hand Cream

Apothecary Department Hand Cream.

Made with hand-pressed oils; pure, natural blends and proven formulas.

Soothe the skin, replenish lost moisture and help to heal the damage from treatment. This 100ml hand cream is the perfect size to keep in a hospital bag and good for a longer hospital stay to keep hands moisturised.

Both hand creams come in cool packaging, in modern white, greys and blacks - nothing to be embarrassed about here!

Men's Society Shampoo & Body Cleanser

Shampoo & Body Cleanser.

This natural cleanser is tough on germs and dirt but easy on your skin. With a minty smell and an effective, natural solution, this is safe to use during treatment and feels a little more luxurious than the standard hospital issued body wash.

One of this cleanser's ingredients is basil. Known to be a stimulant that works on the nervous system and adrenal cortex, inhaling basil can help restore mental alertness and fight fatigue. It’s also beneficial for reducing symptoms like sluggishness, brain fog, sore muscles and poor moods - all of which can be triggered by cancer treatment. 

Men's Society Weekender Wash Kit

Weekender Wash Kit.

This great little gift set for men, all displayed in a trendy tin, contains all the essentials your loved one will need for a stay in hospital. They include Shampoo and Body Cleanser, Cleansing Face Wash, Hydrating Face Cream and a travel size toothbrush and Marvis toothpaste.

Small enough to pack in a hospital bag or store by their bed, these mini toiletries are all natural and safe to use during treatment. The perfect gift for someone who has quickly been admitted to hospital without time to grab their essentials.

Men's Society ZZzzz Deep Sleep Kit

'ZZzzz...' Deep Sleep Kit.

We spend a third of our lives asleep and getting enough of it is essential for maintaining good mental and physical health. Sleep is even more important when you're recuperating from surgery or going through cancer treatment, to allow your body to recover. And yet this can be one of the toughest times to switch off and catch up on the rest you need. 

This natural sleep kit contains some pampering gifts to encourage a natural sleep...without looking like your standard pampering gift set! Perfect for bright and noisy hospitals as well as resting at home. 

This lovely sleep set contains Bath Oil, Lavender Pillow Spray, a Sleep Mask and Ear Plugs in a little travel case to keep them from getting lost!


For our full range of men's toiletries and other men's gifts, visit our Get Well Gifts For Men page.

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