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Emily McDowell Empathy Cards

Mentioned In The Daily Telegraph

Today we had a very kind mention in The Daily Telegraph in an article about a lady who tragically lost her husband to cancer and how difficult it was dealing with other people’s reactions and desires and having to juggle her husband’s wishes as well as manage the emotions of well-wishers. I am very grateful for the mention, but I can’t take credit. The empathy cards mentioned were designed by fellow cancer survivor, Emily McDowell who realised that we need more authentic ways to communicate when someone we know goes through a terrible time - anything from serious illness to divorce to mental health issues to death. Her cards are a breath of fresh air compared to the bog standard ‘thinking of you’ and ‘get well soon’ that preceded them. They truly are brilliant. Not a meaningless cliché in sight and they can even bring a much-needed smile to the most horrible of circumstances.

The Daily Telegraph

You can view them online here.

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