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Looking for Something To Look Forward To?

Here at Not Another Bunch Of Flowers we were delighted to see a unique, thoughtful charity come on our radar. Something To Look Forward To is a website for people diagnosed with cancer and their families to access a variety of gifts which have been donated by individuals and companies. Based on the principle that everyone deserves something to look forward to, donations range from meals out, hotel stays, tickets to west end shows to vouchers for online food shops.

Launched in 2015 the aim of the charity is to provide a welcome relieve in times of great stress by providing positive experiences and creating memories for both individuals and their families. Something one of the co-founding directors is only to aware of. Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007, mother of two Fiona Medley found herself shocked to discover the lack of financial support available. Working throughout her treatment and looking after her family, small treats such as a meal out or a night in a hotel became invaluable.They provided the welcome distraction that is the endless slog of hospital appointments, treatments and recuperation.     

The toll both physically, emotionally and financially that cancer takes is incredible. It is estimated 4 in 5 patients suffer a financial cost of £570 a month due to loss of earnings, travel costs to appointments and increase in utility bills whilst recovering at home (source Macmillan Cancer Care).  This additional stress and worry to so many patients and their families means that often the things that can brighten a day and create special moments have to be put on hold.

The all-consuming take cancer has on a patient’s life and that of their families, the fear of what the next scan might show, or what news the next appointment might bring, can almost become a new type of normal. Having something to look forward to provides a respite from this, something else to focus on when everything else seems so challenging.


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Current gifts available include trips to some of the UK’s beautiful historical castles, scrumptious afternoon teas or family meals where sitting and talking rather than cooking and clearing are in order. Take a look

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