Following my cancer treatment I saw a fertility ‘expert’ who ran a number of tests and told me that the chemo had left me infertile and that I would never be able to have children. I later found out that I was the first cancer patient he had dealt with and that the tests he had run were not reliable so soon after chemo and while I was on hormone treatment, so I transferred to a consultant who had dealt with numerous young women with cancer, and with the backing of my oncology team I took a break from my treatment last year and…TA DA…! I just had a baby!

Pregnancy After Breast Cancer

I feel very strongly about younger cancer patients being given the right information and support when it comes to fertility and this dreadful disease and treatments. So many young men and women start treatment without being given any information on how it could affect their fertility and what options are available to preserve it. And the support following treatment seems non-existent unless you push for it. This needs to change.

Anikka x