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Hospital Gift Alternatives To Flowers

Hospital Gift Alternatives To Flowers | Flowers Now Banned on 90% of Wards

Did you know that flowers are now banned in most hospitals? Following my numerous operations I was sent bunches of gorgeous flowers from friends and family that I sadly didn't get to enjoy as they were not allowed on the wards.

Following all of my surgery and cancer treatment I set up Not Another Bunch Of Flowers with gift suggestions for those in hospital, recuperating at home and for those going through treatment. We offer lots of suggestions for those in hospital that are not only welcome on the wards, but are also useful and well-received.

Gifts include:

  • 100% cotton pyjamas and kimonos - it is always a treat to have some lovely, crisp, new pjs when you're spending lots of time in bed - and they are much comfier and more glam than the hospital gowns.
  • Eyemasks and earplugs - such a practical gift. Something that is often overlooked or great for someone who was admitted urgently. Wards are bright and noisy places - even during the night. The only way I could get a few z's was with my trusty eyemask and earplugs.
  • Yummy treats - let's face it. Hospital food isn't usually the tastiest, and you need to keep your strength up, so a little tasty treat will go down well. Literally.
  • Tablet and e-reader stands - great for propping up tablets or kindles while lying in bed. Available in bright, cheerful designs.
  • Cosy bed socks and slippers.
  • Puzzle books and colouring books - to keep both analytical and creative minds active and help pass the time.
  • Mini toiletries - if someone is admitted with no notice they might not have any nice toiletries with them. Even if you are stuck in bed, a nice hand cream and lip balm is both pampering and useful as the wards can be hot and drying on the skin.
  • Cooling spray - as hospitals can be hot.
  • Pillow spray - to relax, encourage sleep and mask the hospital smell.

Click here to view our range of hospital gifts for women.

Click here to browse our hospital gifts for men.

And click here to shop our hospital gifts for children.

Gifts can be lovingly wrapped and can either be sent to you to gift in person or sent directly to the person in hospital with a handwritten message of your choice.

Hospital Gifts

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