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Happy 5th Birthday to Us!!

Happy 5th Birthday to Us!!

Not Another Bunch Of Flowers is 5 years old today! I was just chatting to someone and explaing the history of the business and realised that I launched the website on the 11th October, 5 years ago!

Not Another Bunch Of Flowers Birthday

And what a 5 years it has been! Setting up a business is tough. Hard work. Often lonely and stressful. There were lots of tears this week when my website crashed and I was told that there was no saving it and I would have to start again (luckily there was a technological blip and it was only down for a couple of days). And you can never switch off. I haven't had a proper day off since the website went live. I even reply to emails on Christmas Day and on holiday. When I had my baby last year I worked until the day before I had him...and carried on working on my laptop from my hospital bed once he'd been born! There have been constant money worries and stresses. But overall it has been awesome. I love the diversity of my day-to-day tasks and am really chuffed to see the hard work pay off and watch the business grow and grow. I work with the best people, have some fantastically lovely suppliers (you know who you are!), and feel really privileged that I can use my cancer experience to help and advise others going through it on a daily basis.

Thank you so much for all of your support over the past 5 years.

Anikka x

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