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Hospital Caring Gift Bag Set Present

Gift ideas for people in hospital

Being cooped up in hospital is never a fun time, so how lovely it is to receive a treat from friends and family! But with many hospitals now banning fruit and flowers on wards, what should we reach for instead of these previous go-to gifts? Below are some of our favourite pretty but practical presents for those in hospital.


Hospital-provided gowns and robes, although practical, aren't the most glamorous attire. At a time when you're already not feeling at your best, it can be lovely to don a beautiful new Dressing Gown or pair of Pyjamas. Not only nice to look at, our range of nightwear are light enough to keep you cool in hot hospitals and are easy to take on and off for those with ports, following surgery or those with limited mobility. 

Rambling Rose Cotton Kimono Dressing Gown Robe

Slipper Socks and Slippers are also a nice treat to protect tired feet from cold, slippery hospital floors.

Totes SlippersTotes Slipper Socks

Sleep Aids

Noisy hospitals are notoriously difficult to sleep in - just when you need to rest the most! Our Eye Mask and Ear Plug Sets are great for blocking out the bright lights of the ward, and Defiant Beauty's Pillow Spray is scented with lavender to help encourage a natural sleep. Or why not send one of our new Sleep Kits, which include a mixture of goodies to help aid rest and relaxation. 

Sleep Eye Mask and Ear Plug SetApothecary Department Zzz Sleep Kit


Long days and nights stuck in a hospital can get boring. Having something fun to keep you busy definitely helps to pass the time. Our Pocket Puzzle Books, Jigsaw Puzzles, Note Books and Adult Colouring Sets are a great way to keep the mind busy, and our soft bottom Lap Trays create some extra space to use them on. Our Coz-E-Readers are great for catching up on TV Box Sets or playing games online - all hands free!

Coz-E-Reader Tablet E-Reader StandLap Tray TableEmily McDowell Totally Legitimate Feelings Journal Note Book

Toiletries and Wash Bags

When preparing for a stay in hospital, and particularly when it's an unexpected or sudden visit, some essentials can be forgotten. Our range of all natural toiletries are conveniently sized to easily fit into a hospital bag and are safe to use during cancer treatment. We've also created some Pretty Gift Sets to include the items we found essential whilst in hospital, many of which come in a handy Wash Bag - also handy to take any new medication back home in.

Hospital Caring Gift Bag Gift Set

Sweet Treats

OK, so fruit might be banned from some wards, but Sweets and Chocolates are usually a safe bet - and usually gratefully received! Our Belgian Chocolate Messages range from the sweet "Thinking of you" to the funny "I hope you get a hot doctor", or why not send some Love Hearts or Retro Sweets

I hope you get a hot doctor Belgian Chocolate Message

For someone who enjoys a good cup of tea or coffee, our range of Personalised Mugs are a lovely home comfort to have nearby, and our Chocolate Spoons are an extra sweet treat. 

Big Bear Hug Personalised MugPersonalised Grandad MugPositive Pants Personalised Mug

You can find our full range of hospital gift ideas here. Or feel free to get in touch and we can help you come up with the perfect gift parcel. All gifts can be lovingly wrapped and sent directly to the recipient in hospital. 



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