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Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Bombe

Chocs Away! The Hot Chocolate Bombes That Take This Sweet Treat To The Next Level

Belgian Chocolate, Marshmallows & A Dusting Of Gold
Life Just Got A Whole Lot Sweeter!

Thought you’d had enough of chocolate this season? Think again! We have just the thing for warming up your winter days, helping with the January blues or even snapping up for someone special before Valentine’s Day. Oh, and did we mention that Easter is only 95 days away?!

Over Christmas our Hot Chocolate Bombes were so popular that they almost broke the Not Another Bunch Of Flowers website (yes, really!). These balls of delicious Belgian milk chocolate flew off the shelves - and for good reason. Not only do they look fab (we’re talking a smooth milk chocolate ball dusted with gold) but they taste so insanely good and are in such high demand that we had to call in extra helpers to get them all out in time for Christmas day.

And here’s the exciting part - chocolate bombes are no longer only for Christmas as we’re not only introducing year-round Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Bombes but also Valentine Hot Chocolate Bombes and an Easter version too – yippee!

Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Bombe

Made from 100% Belgian milk chocolate with mini marshmallows hidden inside, simply drop one of the bombes into a mug of warmed milk or pour the milk over the top, wait for the chocolate to melt and the marshmallows to float to the surface, stir and enjoy a taste explosion. So easy and SO delicious! The Valentines version even has heart shaped marshmallows, perfect for spreading a little love at any time of year and there’s an egg- shaped bombe that’ll go down a storm at Easter.  

Available as singles or in packs of 3, Hot Chocolate Bombes make the perfect gift or little treat for adults or kids and for any occasion – especially when paired with our gorgeous personalised mugs. Move over powdered chocolate, these bombes are causing a stir!

Valentine's Hot Chocolate Bombes

 Easter Hot Chocolate Bombe



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