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Chemo For Beginners - The Survey

Thank you very much for your help with our survey. It will only take a minute or two, and your answers will be used to help others embarking on chemo treatment. We all know what a scary and daunting time that is.

This is a completely anonymous survey but please ensure that you are happy for any answers to be used in information leaflets, blog posts, on our site and in social media posts.

Thank you,

Anikka x

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Ann Robinson - July 1, 2017

2002 seems such a long time ago, when I was on 8 chemo sessions a trial drug. hold fast to small laughs , curl up when you are not feeling well,,rely on smiles , have no sour faces around, people will pull you along depend on the feelings of love , that’s the important feeling and thank who ever you believe in for another day.

Val - July 1, 2017

Just started chemo. On my first week and so far so good. I understand from other comments that the 3rd week is when symptoms as explained by doctor are likely to happen. I will wait and see.

Alexa Wightman - June 24, 2017

see above……and quote whatever you want…….We have a wonderful group called Cancer Care who also look after the carers……massage, counselling, etc……..make use of them. blue badge, attendance allowances. I had a seizure 7 weeks after getting out of hospital and have now sold my car. I couldnn’t bear looking at it in the drivway. It has now been sold to someone in the village I have driiven since I was 17……now 69.

Bridget - June 16, 2017

The staff in the chemo suite,bloods dept were all so lovely. Maybe the info could hv been better. But How? When the process can be so different for everybody? I was told because I was not on hormonal drugs (bowel cancer treatment) I should not lose my hair. It thinned severely enough that I purchased a wig. I have been left with severe neuropathy in hands and feet, which I was warned about but now told it may never go. I am having acupuncture as a relief, but not really any yet, My legs feel like tree trunks, I was very fit previously, yoga, pilates, long walks. I am now very stiff all over and legs do not move easily. I am still dropping china, jars or jam etc as feeling fingers is not very good, much pins and needles, not sure if holding something. I found the after care non existent. It was a sudden decision that I would cease cease, a couple cycles before the end. PICC line was removed immdiately and next patient in…………No goodbye, or Graduation Certificate! Some weeks later I received appt for CT scan. I have more questions and concerns now than I did previously. Scared the cancer has come back and how will I know? This is impossible to voice with “nearest and dearest”. Altho I am told I look very well I do not always feel so and get very tired still, 4 months after end of chemo, and I hv to refuse invites for events that would go on too long. I am thot to be unsociable. Callers at the house stay too long. It is hard when someone has made the effort to visit to say “please go now, I’m tired” I hv v little appetite, many “lovely” items still taste too horrible to even be in my mouth, so meals in company are not a success. I may discover there is a Cancer post chemo group??? It is impossible to discuss these feelings with family as I feel I am complaining which I am not, I would just like to be given space, almost as if I am grieving for something.

Valerie Toolin - June 11, 2017

Don’t be afraid to ask your medical team for help/advice about side effects.
Curl up on the crap days and ride it off.
Cross each day/treatment off -this time will pass. Your will be yourself again.

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