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breast cancer awareness best gifts for cancer patients

Why Breast Cancer Awareness Month Is So Important To Not Another Bunch Of Flowers

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Is Very Special To Us

October is breast cancer awareness month – 31 days of raising awareness of the disease which affects so many women. It’s also a particularly important month for us at Not Another Bunch Of Flowers as it marks another year of celebrating our brilliant founder Anikka whose personal experience as a breast cancer survivor led to the launch of a pioneering business which set out to support cancer patients.

Having been diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33, Anikka realised that she wasn’t able to appreciate the flowers that friends and family were sending as they weren’t allowed on hospital wards due to the risk of infection. In 2013, after 2 years of cancer treatment, Anikka set up Not Another Bunch Of Flowers in response to her own experience, creating a range of gifts which would be genuinely useful for anyone undergoing medical treatment or surgery. And while the business has since grown to offer lots of products for all gifting occasions, its roots remain firmly as a means of supporting cancer patients through treatment and recovery.

So October is about raising awareness and about celebrating people like Anikka, who have kicked cancer’s ass – whilst also remembering the ones who fought as hard as they could.

If you know anyone who is battling breast cancer, we’ve picked 5 of our best-selling products to help them on their journey and send a little love. Each gift is hand-wrapped with a handwritten message which can be anything from ‘I’m thinking of you’ to ‘this really sucks’. And each one has been carefully curated and is guaranteed to be useful.

cancer gifts mini chemo gift set

Mini Chemo Gift Set

 A lovely little gift set filled with pampering goodies and wrapped up in a pretty Caroline Gardner Gift Bag. The Defiant Beauty products are organic and natural and have been specifically formulated for people undergoing cancer treatment while the Gin Gins are brilliant for helping combat chemo related nausea.

cancer chemo gift tea & chemo book

Tea & Chemo: Fighting Cancer, Living Life By Jackie Buxton

At the age of 45, mama and wife Jackie Buxton was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Her brilliant book offers an honest account of going through chemo, sharing her experiences, her laughs, her tears and her hope to help and inspire anyone else going through the same. 

All proceeds from the sale of Tea & Chemo will go to The Haven, Breast Cancer Now and The Robert Ogden Macmillan Centre, Harrogate – 3 charities which make a huge difference to the lives of many.

cancer gift bold beanie headwear

Bold Beanie

Available in lots of colours and prints, bold beanies are made from 100% cotton and are perfect for wearing alone or under hats which can often be uncomfortable. These are the most luxuriously soft and comfy hair-loss beanies we’ve found – we especially love the ones which come packaged as a pretty rose and make a really thoughtful gift.

cancer gift queasy drops anti nausea

Queasy Drops

Chemotherapy drugs can cause nausea and an unpleasant taste in your mouth. These all-natural sucky-sweets include ginger and natural flavours (essential oils) plus naturally derived colours and have been developed by healthcare professionals who witness how debilitating nausea can be. Available in a variety of flavours.

get well gift breast cancer awareness pink kimono

Caro London Pink Beautiful Cotton Wrap Kimono

So much prettier and more comfortable than a hospital gown, a kimono feels feminine and helps patients feel a little pampered. After breast cancer surgery they are also perfect for those constant checks on dressings. Also available in blue. 


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