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Gift Box Subscription

A perfect gift solution – A personalised gift box subscription

A friend, a colleague or a child at your children’s school has been diagnosed with a serious illness and you wish to buy them a gift to show how much you care. Great, but the problem is

1. What to buy?
2. What if you buy the same thing as someone else?
3. What if everyone sends a gift and they all arrive at the same time?

When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer, I received lots of lovely gifts from family and friends. And whilst I appreciated each and every one of them, I did feel slightly overwhelmed. It was incredibly hard to remember who sent what and to find the time and energy to thank everyone for all their well wishes. I also got lots of gifts which I simply couldn’t use because they contained key ingredients that I had been advised to avoid. This was a real shame considering the effort, money and time my friends had taken to send them to me.

When Not Another Bunch Of Flowers was set up, I noticed many of my customers wished to send a number of different gifts throughout their friend’s treatment plan and illness, especially those who lived far away or could not visit on a regular basis. Friends, relatives or work colleagues often clubbed together in order to buy several gifts, but needed help in selecting the right type of gift. 

This feedback as well as my own experience inspired our 'Gift Box Subscription' – ideal for those going through long treatment plans such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy or long stays in hospital.

The Gift Box Subscription is totally bespoke service, meaning it is tailored to the individual, their needs and preferences. It is a wonderful way to show someone who is unwell that you care and are thinking of them. Treatment or long stays in hospital can be extremely tough and draining. It is not always possible to visit someone who is unwell, but by regularly sending a gift you can make sure they know you are thinking of them and lift their spirits during these difficult times. This service also works well for group collections, with friends and colleagues, school and university friends or clubs and societies.

All we require is

1. Your budget
2. The timing of the gifts – every fortnight, every month, every six weeks etc
3. The reasons for the gifts – chemotherapy, radiotherapy, long term illness or that you just wish to let someone know you are thinking of them

You can either select the gifts yourself or we can provide a recommended list of gifts that work well together. It is a good idea to include both practical and pampering items which can be used as and when the recipient needs them.

Here are Not Another Bunch Of Flowers we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. Each gift is hand wrapped and includes a handwritten personal message. We will also be in touch before each gift is sent and to make any necessary tweaks if needed.

Our unique service literally is the gift that keeps on giving.

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